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Bonnie Mickelson

For over 38 years, Bonnie Mickelson has been a certified acupressure massage therapist, body type counselor, and the owner of Bonnie’s Reflexology, a massage and nutrition clinic focusing on holistic, whole-body wellness. Her interest in alternative healing began in the early 1980s. After 10 years of success running a bookstore, she began working in a local health food store, where she started taking reflexology classes and offering treatments. In early 1982, Ms. Mickelson opened a larger massage clinic focusing on reflexology and complementary medicine where she continues to see patients and offers an ever-widening menu of services.

In addition to offering massage therapies and wellness counseling, Ms. Mickelson teaches reflexology and acupressure and has helped dozens of students throughout her career master these complex modalities and go on to launch their own thriving practices. She has written the majority of the manuals and course material used in her classes and is deeply passionate about ensuring that the knowledge and traditions that make up the core of her work continue to be passed down and understood for generations to come. Ms. Mickelson has studied with some of the best-regarded experts in her field including Tom Tracy, Dr. Stan Flag, Sadomar Keyanitza, and James Minckler, and she continues to seek out additional training and education to further deepen her understanding of holistic healing.

Outside her practice, Ms. Mickelson is an active volunteer for her church, the past president of her local Aglow International chapter, and a former volunteer in several area high schools. She looks forward to working more with body reflexology in the future, adding that COVID-19 reminded her of the necessity of her work and convinced her that she is unlikely to ever fully retire.


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