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AJ Myers

Throughout the years, AJ Myers has found success as an energetic professional with a particular knowledge in administration, human resources, coaching and professional writing. Trained in NLP, EQ, and certified as an integrated life transformational coach, Ms. Myers serves from a foundation founded on God’s unshakable grace and forgiveness, believing we can be linked and bonded in his love. She presently serves as creative and professional content writer, and artist, in Moab, Utah. She co-authored “A Journey of Riches: Abundant Living” and “Messages from the Heart.” Ms. Myers’ articles written to help heal and inspire women have been well received by several local and international publications. Her autobiography, book one of four, “From Winter Comes,” is ready for publication with powerful endorsements included.

Ms. Myers came of age under the wings of her hard-working parents. Surviving the great depression, and during WWII, her mother started working as an accountant and secretary when women were encouraged to join the workforce in the absence of men. Later, Ms. Myers parents opened their hotel and restaurant serving many returning from the battlefields. With a small child to care for, they began the journey of adopting a dozen gravely ill children, unwanted by anyone else; always encouraging them to better themselves through dedication and instilling in them a solid work ethic and an unwavering belief that anything worthwhile could be achieved. Taking this philosophy to heart, Ms. Myers started up her first successful business at the age of 14, studied hotel management, received a real estate license, and earned certification as a public manager and in computer programming language, medical coding, and employment law.

For her accomplishments in the field, Ms. Myers received an Aloha Award for outstanding customer service given to the public, an Outstanding Safety Recognition, and was named as Business Woman of the Year and Best Employee. She has spent much of her time with organizations fighting world hunger and AIDs in Africa. Civically, she has offered her time as a mentor for at risk-children. Ms. Myers also volunteers to help empower the communities she is involved in to rise above poverty and hunger.

Ms. Myers has attributed her professional success to her ethics, her tenacious hard-working nature and her resolute integrity. To remain aware of developments affecting her field, she maintains professional affiliations aligned with her professional interests: the Human Resources Association, the Healthcare Executives Network and the Society of Human Resources Managers. Looking towards the future, Ms. Myers aspires to continue working and helping others to achieve their best. She feels, through divinely inspired words, she has something to share to encourage and inspire others; believing it is in the success of others that she is then personally successful.


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