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Yvette Grinnell

Yvette D. Grinnel is a certified master life coach, relationship workshop facilitator and ordained minister. Furthermore, between 1991 and 1996, she completed coursework in criminal justice and political science at Delaware Technical Community College and Seminole State College of Florida. In the early days of her career, she worked in banking, finance, human services and real estate, spending time as the vice president of the Framework Maintenance Corporation and serving seven years as a realtor. In 2006, following a major car accident, Ms. Grinnel found herself with a new perspective on life and decided to change paths.

Following her marriage in 2009, she established a prayer group for wives in her community. Realizing the need for a space where they could support each other through hard times, the prayer group grew to become The Praying Wives Ministry International Corporation in 2013 with Ms. Grinnel as the president, founder and director. In order to further her skills, she earned a certificate in ancient Near Eastern and biblical languages, literatures and linguistics from the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2015.

The focus of The Praying Wives Ministry is to support and provide aid to those going through difficult times or who are otherwise struggling. They offer services for aid with rent and mortgages, food, job training, homelessness and for women looking to escape abusive situations. Today, the ministry has more than 2,000 followers on their social media, recorded nearly 700 prayers, and has spread to England and Africa. Ms. Grinnel has also volunteered her time with the Abundant Life Fellowship Church and Soldiers for Christ and is a member of Blue Hen Wonder Women, a private organization for professional women from all walks of life.

Attributing much of her success to her faith, resilience and dedication to prayer, Ms. Grinnel notably won the Spirit Award as Mrs. Delaware in a pageant in 2015. Looking toward the future, she has plans for the publication of a book, “Monday Morning Motivation,” and the release of a song, “Liberty,” which she wrote and arranged, with all proceeds from the song being donated to local charities. Ms. Grinnel also hopes to start work as a developer, as she is interested in not only building structures and properties in her community, but in helping others and providing employment opportunities.


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