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Yesy Hernandez

Yesy Hernandez is the president of Climatisation HVAC Inc., where she has excelled at the helm since founding the company in 2021 in Woodland Hills, California. With high-level, broad expertise in administration, project management, sales, accounting, and problem-solving, Ms. Hernandez has always prioritized her professional development. Staying up to date with the latest advancements in her industry is an integral component of her success.

Owing this accomplishment to her remarkable discipline, dedication, and strength, Ms. Hernandez has become the first self-made business owner in her family, a feat that brings her great pride. At Climatisation HVAC Inc., she maintains a core commitment to sustainability while building the company’s reputation as the best in new construction installation and service repair for luxury properties. She believes strongly that collaboration is key to reaching every goal and is grateful for opportunities to work with her team and solve complex problems. Moreover, Ms. Hernandez is proud to represent her Latin heritage and blaze the trail for women in a primarily male industry.

For her success, Ms. Hernandez credits her mother, who encouraged her to pursue higher education, secure a degree, and chase her ambitions. She is also thankful for the support of her father figure and mentor, Alfred, who owns an air conditioning company and once served as the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. Ms. Hernandez adds that Alfred played an instrumental role in shaping her career trajectory, leading her to shift her attention from the insurance industry to HVAC. She quickly flourished in her new field, rising through the ranks as she fell in love with the industry. Fast forward to 2024, Ms. Hernandez was named the Top Executive of the Year in HVAC by the International Association of Top Professionals, which honored her with its IAOTP Empowered Woman Award 2024 – solidifying her own reputation as an industry leader.

After starting in the industry as a senior estimator with a former employer in 2001, Ms. Hernandez enrolled at the University of Phoenix, where she studied business and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2004. Following this achievement, she became a project manager at work and continued her academic pursuits, obtaining a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2008. After her graduation, Ms. Hernandez rose within the company to the position of director of operations and later became vice president of operations in 2009. Remaining committed to improving her skills and expanding her knowledge through professional development, she was certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) after completing the organization’s 10-hour training at the University of Florida in 2021. Further, Ms. Hernandez has a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as a stationary air conditioning and heating engineer.

Recognized for her professional accomplishments, Ms. Hernandez has been featured in a wide range of major media, including the periodicals Rolling Stone UK, Shoutout LA, Bold Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and Voyage LA Magazine, as well as on FOX and NBC television, and on Close Up Radio. Equally notable, in 2023, she was lauded for her work by Women On Topp, an online business magazine for and about women professionals. She was even honored at Times Square in New York City. Ms. Hernandez has felt privileged to connect with other women in the trades throughout her career. She looks forward to the continued success of Climatisation HVAC Inc. and has plans to significantly grow her business, as she sees exclusivity as a major asset that sets the company apart, catering to high-net-worth clients.

With unshakeable confidence in her capabilities, Ms. Hernandez sees herself owning one of the largest HVAC companies in Los Angeles, California, in the coming years. Alongside her drive to achieve her professional goals in the industry, she is personally motivated by the desire to leave a tangible legacy to her children.


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