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Victoria Camacho

Victoria A. Camacho a board-certified behavioral analyst and a licensed behavioral analyst, grew up in the Dominican Republic. At age 20, she came to the United States speaking no English. Committed to pursuing higher education, she resolved to overcome the language barrier through sheer determination and work. Ms. Camacho began her undergraduate studies with the City College of New York, which is the founding institution of the City University of New York system, better known as CUNY.

After performing well on the mathematics section of her assessment examination, Ms. Camacho was placed in remedial English classes. Undeterred, she embraced the challenge, studied hard, persevered, and ultimately completed her studies, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in education and psychology. During her undergraduate education, Ms. Camacho completed an internship that sparked her passion for her field. The experience exposed her to the science and methodologies of behavioral analysis, and she learned how therapies could help students develop necessary life skills, such as communication and much more.

Continuing her education at St. Peter’s University, a private Jesuit university in Jersey City, New Jersey, Ms. Camacho obtained a master’s in educational administration and supervision. She believes consistency is the key to success and that nothing is impossible with enough work and dedication. Ms. Camacho concluded her higher education at St. Joseph’s University, completing a post-master’s certificate in applied behavioral analysis, special education, and teaching in addition to now being a licensed behavioral analyst and board-certified behavioral analyst.

Ms. Camacho is a board-certified behavioral analyst with the Manhattan Psychology Group. From 2004 to 2007, she shared her knowledge as a special education teacher for the Ridgefield New Jersey School District. She maintains membership with Psychology Today and the Association for Behavior Analysis International to stay up to date with her field. As an experienced nurse and care administrator, Ms. Camacho worked with the same client for decades, beginning when the client was just 3 years old. He is now in his 30s and only recently left Ms. Camacho’s care. She considers working with this client for nearly three decades to be the most rewarding accomplishment of her career. Among her achievements, she is proud of helping one of her students, who has autism spectrum disorder, live in a home environment. Due to Ms. Camacho’s work, her students have grown more independent and successful.

Empowered by her determination to learn English and facilitate her higher education, Ms. Camacho has cultivated her innate tendencies for consistency, innovation, and persistence and parlayed them into a successful career. When her first approach to an issue fails to solve any problem, she always tries another approach and never gives up. Despite one of her clients being unable to speak when he entered her care, Ms. Camacho refused to give up and was able to help him overcome his challenging behaviors. Basing her practices on proven research and protocols, she engages clients in setting and achieving daily goals and objectives. She tailors her programs to each child’s specific needs, conducting daily preference assessments and ensuring she’s offering highly valued incentives. This approach allows her to treat each day as a unique challenge and be as effective as possible.

Pondering the future, Ms. Camacho has multiple plans to employ her expertise. She intends to conduct comprehensive training programs and expand her business operations, exploring new avenues for growth and development. Reflecting on her career, Ms. Camacho is proud of her professional growth, which she credits to her tireless study hours during her higher education. While still learning English, she completed her assignments in Spanish and subsequently translated them into English, which took hours of extra work. Ultimately, through her devout efforts, she secured her licensure as a behavioral analyst. When Ms. Camacho is not working, she enjoys exercising, walking, hiking, and traveling.


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