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Veronica Espinel is the chief executive officer and owner of Red Market Salon, a luxury salon offering clients a full suite of high-end hair, nail, and skincare services in one of Miami’s most exclusive shopping districts. Born in Ecuador, Ms. Espinel moved to the United States in the early 2010s to pursue her dreams of business ownership and decided to continue her education. She became a licensed skin care professional and entered the health and beauty industry as an operations manager for a local wellness center. Before becoming the owner of Red Market Salon in 2019, Ms. Espinel spent three years as the manager of an upscale spa, further developing her expertise in navigating the highly specific needs and challenges of a successful beauty business.

Ms. Espinel describes her interest in the beauty industry as a natural extension of her personality. Outgoing, feminine, and kind, she relishes the opportunity to connect with clients and find creative ways to provide them with a top-notch salon experience, whether by helping them achieve their ideal style or by giving them a chance to pause and relax from everyday life. She remembers that when she first moved to the United States, she received frequent compliments on her hair and requests for styling advice, and quickly realized that the beauty industry was a perfect economic opportunity for her. As owner of Red Market Salon, Ms. Espinel is responsible for managing its staff, budget, and branding, as well as supervising daily operations and maintaining its overall vision with the expertise and knowledge that she developed from her years of business experience.

Red Market Salon has grown to be one of the area’s most trusted names for top-notch beauty services in a discreet and exclusive environment, and Ms. Espinel notes that their client roster includes dozens of celebrities and media personalities. Having built Red Market into a powerhouse brand, Ms. Espinel looks forward to expanding in the coming years, hoping to open a satellite location in the Bal Harbour Four Seasons and eventually own salons in New York City and Los Angeles. Always looking toward the future, she is already planning her next business venture and is currently in the development stages of launching a line of professional hair products. She attributes her success to “consistent and persistent” work and she does her best to live a physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy life that supports her ambitions and allows her to support others.

Ms. Espinel is proud to be a successful business owner, immigrant, and single mother to her college-aged son, Paulo, and constantly strives to be an example and a guide for others on the same path. She advises others that opportunities are available for those who pursue them, and that with hard work and patience, it is possible to find success. As a fierce community advocate, Ms. Espinel is active in philanthropy and works with several children’s charities, including the Little Lighthouse Foundation, a nonprofit creating educational opportunities and enrichment programs for underserved children, and sits on the board of directors of the Children’s Center.


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