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A seasoned business professional, Velma M. McMillian, CFO, boasts expertise in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Matriculating at Capella University, she holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from 2016 and a Master of Business Administration with a minor in marketing from 2018. To add to her skills, she holds a claims adjuster license in 12 states, a property and casualty license in 35 states and a managing general license in the state of Texas.

Within her work in the business world, Ms. McMillian has found success as the chief financial officer for the Quantum Alliance General Agency. Since 2019, she has focused her efforts on processing payroll for the company, conducting monthly budget reconciliation and uploading files that track agency revenue. She also handles the hiring and training of staff, ensuring coverage in the appropriate areas. Ms. McMillian first joined Quantum Alliance General Agency in 2016, serving as a marketing representative for one year and as the vice president of operations from 2017 to 2019.

Alongside her executive-level position at the Quantum Alliance General Agency, Ms. McMillian tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit in becoming a multi-unit franchise partner with Blo Blow Dry Bar in 2021. Inspired to help women feel beautiful and confident, she wished to open a salon nearby her residence rather than traveling more than one hour away to get her hair done. She knew other women in her community also felt frustrated with the lack of beauty salon options, so she applied her knowledge of the business world to become a franchisee. To accompany her work with Blo Blow Dry Bar, she has been an independent beauty consultant through Mary Kay Cosmetics since 2016.

In the earlier stages of her career, Ms. McMillian served as an executive assistant for Hogan Financial Systems, Inc. from 2011 to 2012 and as an operation manager for Artisan Baking Co. from 2012 to 2014. Simultaneously, she began working as a sales counselor agent for Travelers in 2013, remaining in the role for one year. Between 2014 and 2016, she excelled as an insurance agent for Magnum Insurance Services, as well as an underwriter, customer service specialist and marketing representative for the South Texas branch of Apollo Managing General Agency.

Upon reflection on her career trajectory, Ms. McMillan is most proud of her efforts in bringing in people from different career paths to transition to work with Quantum Alliance General Agency and Blo Blow Dry Bar. She takes pride in her flexible leadership, offering her agency employees the opportunity to work from home, which further allows them to spend time with their families that traditional office jobs cannot offer. She has always believed that the key to a happy life is to put God first, family second and career third.

Ms. McMillian attributes her success to her passion for ensuring that her four children, Page, Matthew, Madison and Marshall, are left with a positive legacy and the motivation to create something they can later pass on to her their own children. Hailing from humble beginnings, she wants to show them that despite one’s circumstances, hard work and dedication can lead anyone to achieve their dreams. To remain abreast of business developments in her community, she remains an active member of the Chamber of Commerce of Rockwall.

Looking ahead, Ms. McMillian plans to cultivate the overall efficiency of her Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise while providing proximity access for women who enjoy self-care. In five years’ time, she hopes to own six or seven franchise locations, with an ultimate goal of owning 20 franchises throughout the United States. In her spare time, Ms. McMillian enjoys crafting, attending women’s conferences, traveling and spending time with her two grandchildren, Aria and Kai.


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