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Tricia Stover

Behavioral financial advisor (BFA™) Tricia Stover has led an accomplished career as a presenter, public speaker, business leader, coach, and entrepreneur. Since 2021, she has employed her expertise as the owner and founder of Performance Masters Consulting. While touring the country, she addresses audiences on the various transformative potential of the customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard she introduced more than five years ago for Ameriprise Financial Services LLC. The CRM program offers business executives a streamlined, real-time view of company performance metrics and exemplifies Ms. Stover’s commitment to using data-driven tools to make important decisions. Since 2021, she has been an associate franchise consultant and leadership and development coach with Ameriprise Financial Services LLC, before which she was a practice management coach for the Key Management Group from 2015 to 2021.

Dedicated to facilitating business expansion through leadership strategies, Ms. Stover has found success as an associate franchise consultant and lead specialist coach with Balance Approach Consulting since 2023. Her approach uses positive reinforcement, patience, clear communication, and active listening to empower team members and achieve organizational goals. With Performance Masters Consulting, Ms. Stover is responsible for conducting detailed assessments of clients’ objectives and values, ensuring that their leadership strategy aligns with their goals, and cultivating and sustaining strong client relationships. She works with financial advisors and franchisees to help them expand their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

Ms. Stover’s career trajectory has been shaped by her many challenges, including her initial lack of formal education, her responsibilities as a stay-at-home mother of three children, and unexpectedly becoming a widow at age 35. After Ameriprise Financial Services LLC extended her an opportunity to earn money by performing various tasks around the office, Ms. Stover found that she deeply enjoyed the work. With Ameriprise, she learned invaluable lessons about financial management and personal and professional growth, which now form the bedrock of her career. She is proud not only of her success as a business leader and coach but of the relationships she has built in her industry. As a purpose-driven, ethical business leader, Ms. Stover has fostered a community characterized by mutual support and collaboration.

Proud to have collaborated with top-tier business professionals from across the nation, Ms. Stover plans to expand her business horizons in the coming years. She envisions a future in which her children play integral roles in her company and looks forward to her continued collaboration with Balance Approach Consulting. To date, Ms. Stover is the two-time recipient of both the Ameriprise Ultimate Digital Excellence Award and the Ameriprise Client Experience Award, which she received in 2021 and 2022. Foundationally, she earned an associate degree in liberal arts and sciences from Rochester University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in leadership and management in 2016. Ms. Stover later secured her BFA™ certification in 2021 from the think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE and her executive business and leadership certification in 2023 from the International Association of Professions Career College.

Ms. Stover’s company tagline is “Where Leadership Meets Excellence.” In this vein, she remains devoted to growing her business and offering career development opportunities to others, just as she was offered a chance to further her career by Ameriprise Financial Services LLC in her time of need.


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