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Terri-Anne Hultgren is the chief executive officer and owner of Harleyjta LLC, a paper converting and packaging equipment sales company established in 2015. Ms. Hultgren was inspired to enter the paper industry by her father, who spent much of his career in machinery sales. Harleyjta LLC began as an eBay-based reseller of small paper manufacturing and packaging equipment and quickly grew to become a full-fledged independent business. She is proud to have broken through and found success in the largely male-dominated field of paper manufacturing and has since expanded her reach to include a variety of packaging equipment and special order items. Among the highlights of her time in business was being able to source several pieces of extremely hard-to-find machinery for a longtime client.

In addition to her work in paper manufacturing and business development, Ms. Hultgren is a lifelong equestrian and show horse handler. From 1992 until 2020, she was affiliated with Mystic Cove Stables, where she built on the riding and showmanship skills she had developed since her childhood. Her company is named after her longtime show horse, Harley, a former American Saddlebred Horse Association Horse of the Year, whom she showed throughout the country for more than 17 years. Among other equestrian accolades, Ms. Hultgren and her horse placed 10th in a national-level horse show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Hultgren holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Plymouth State University and began her career working for the Bank of New Hampshire before establishing herself as a paper industry entrepreneur. In the coming years, she looks forward to continuing to build her business and counsels other entrepreneurs to “never settle and never give up.” Outside her work, Ms. Hultgren is a talented painter and remains active in equestrian sports, tending to horses on her 10-acre family farm.

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