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Brenda Martin

Driven forward by her passion for helping other individuals, Brenda C. Martin has made a pronounced name for herself in the field of banking, excelling as assistant vice president, risk analyst, at Bank of America in Jacksonville, Florida. Ms. Martin specializes in the areas of risk management, quality assurance, and management, and helps maintain responsibility for ensuring Bank of America’s safety. In this regard, Ms. Martin is well-versed in a myriad of federal regulations pertaining to risk assessment and mitigation, leveraging her advanced knowledge to remain at the forefront of her industry. In addition, Ms. Martin is a mentor to two of her associates, having guided employees toward success for many years.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Martin served Bank of America in several capacities, beginning in 1995 as a teller for one year. Temporarily relocating to National Australian Bank as a teller between 1996 and 1997, she returned to Bank of America to resume her position as a teller until 1999. Following this tenure, she was promoted to the rank of teller supervisor, serving in this role between 1999 and 2001. From there, Ms. Martin thrived as an assistant branch manager of military banking from 2001 to 2002 and as a customer service representative between 2002 and 2014.

Adjacent to her primary duties, Ms. Martin has been a notary public in the state of Florida since 2001. She has also lent her time and expertise to several civic charities, foundations, and organizations, such as the nonprofit dog rescue organizations the American Brittany Rescue and English Springer Rescue America, as well as the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc., the Disability Advocates Network, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, one of the largest breast cancer organizations in the United States focused on patient navigation and advocacy. Furthermore, Ms. Martin is a staunch advocate of the LGBTQ+ community and disabled populations, contributes to the Wounded Warrior Project, and is a volunteer with her local church. She is also affiliated with numerous veterans’ rights and military associations and maintains membership with several Facebook groups revolved around thyroid cancer.

Ms. Martin credits her success to her meticulous nature and deep familiarity with federal regulations in risk management. Moreover, she attributes much of her present success to her own managers and mentors in the field, all of whom fostered a culture of exploration and provided proper guidance to ensure that risks were tackled effectively. To this end, Ms. Martin takes great pride in ensuring that her actions and her guidance of associates not only meet expectations but exceed them in each of their respective roles. She has often been described as an invaluable asset to the Bank of America team for her commitment to excellence and dedication to helping others.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Martin was named the second runner-up for Teller of the Year at Bank of America, which she considers one of her career highlights. She aims to leave a legacy at Bank of America upon her eventual retirement. Particularly, Ms. Martin hopes to be remembered as a committed contributor to the organization, leaving a positive impact on the lives of both colleagues and clients alike.

Married to a United States Navy veteran, since 1985, Ms. Martin has one daughter and one son, as well as two grandchildren. Her husband and son work in the banking industry. In her spare time, Ms. Martin enjoys leisure time with her friends and family, participating in charitable endeavors such as cancer awareness, and volunteering her time with the ministry. She presently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.


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