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Fausta Britton has distinguished herself as the owner of Fausta Britton LLC since 1990, through which she provides motivational speaking and coaching services to various businesses and organizations. Borne out of her dissatisfaction with her past career in corporate marketing, she is dedicated to helping others live truer to their values. Ms. Britton’s area of expertise lies in management consultation regarding the cultivation of employee empowerment, relationship building and soft skills development.

A graduate of the Detroit College of Business in Dearborn, Michigan, Ms. Britton earned a bachelor’s degree in 1991. She has also undertaken coursework at Wayne County Community College in Detroit. Since entering her professional field, Ms. Britton has been the recipient of a Dale Carnegie Recognition Award from the University of North Carolina. She is also a professional speaker, trainer and keynote speaker within her field.

In accounting for her success in business, Ms. Britton attributes her propensity for treating her clients with dignity and making a personal connection with each and every one of them. In addition to her professional pursuits, she serves as a facilitator for an Atlanta-based support group, Sista 2 Sista, which helped to provide fortitude for women backgrounds struggling to take back responsibility for their lives. Within five years, Ms. Britton aspires to begin speaking at large conferences and conducting seminars on a myriad of subjects.

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