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An acclaimed model and actress, Sharon Kwok Pong performed in a number of movies prior to the turn of the century, including “The Fortune Code,” “Outlaw Brothers,” “Red Fists,” “Lethal Panther 2,” “Fist from Shaolin” and “Two of a Kind.” Now active as an activist, she excels as the executive director of AquaMeridian Conservation and Education Foundation, which dedicates itself to sea turtle conservation and general wildlife protection. As a celebrity in Hong Kong, Ms. Kwok Pong utilizes her status to shine a spotlight on shark finning and illegal wildlife trade at events, as well as through media campaigns, school appearances and her unique artwork.

Ms. Kwok Pong’s father was the founder of Ocean Park, which she explored with her brother. She learned to swim from a dolphin that saved her life when she fell in the water. When she was 10 years old, she and her mother moved to San Francisco. When her parents divorced, her brother went to live in Papua New Guinea with their father. In California, she owned very few pets, as her mother was not a fan of having animals. After participating in three pageants, Ms. Kwok Pong ended up back in Hong Kong as runner-up of the first Miss Chinese International contest, after which she received numerous job offers for movies and television drama roles.

Ms. Kwok Pong became involved in her profession because she had a determination, and could not sit by and do nothing about it. Marine conservationist Brian Darvell got her into Reef Check, an annual survey of corals in Hong Kong, which was just founded at the time. She observed cowries and several species of fish, surprised to see them still in Hong Kong. She also dived in Mexico. Nancy Nash got Ms. Kwok Pong into conservation; she was one of the founders of WWF Hong Kong and had known her since Ocean Park. After returning to Hong Kong, they crossed paths again and she was invited to the board of the WWF. At the time, she was busy with work and was less aware of the issues. She sees too many horror films and bad news about what is going on such as the situation in Africa, where the people that traffic ivory were probably the same people dealing in illegal arms and the trafficking of humans. When she knew about this, she could not sit by and has dedicated her life to making a difference. She attributes her success to her determination.

In addition to her work with AquaMeridian, Ms. Kwok Pong has flourished as a board member with Mission Blue, the Explorers Club and WildAid. During the early years of her career, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts through an arts academy. She remains aware of changes in conservation through her alignment with the Society of Women Geographers. Dedicated to her community, Ms. Kwok Pong contributes to those in need as an ambassador with the SPCA, in addition to the Cadet Training Program in Hong Kong.

In light of her outstanding work, Ms. Kwok Pong was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. The mentor who motivated and inspired her was Sylvia Earle. Looking ahead, she aims to stem the consumption of wildlife. Additionally, Ms. Kwok Pong will continue writing and creating movies with the aim of implementing more humane laws in Hong Kong regarding animals. She is married to her loving husband Kit Pong since 2002 and is the proud mother of one son, Andrew.


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