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Education has always been a big part of T. Kay Kiser’s life. She comes from a family of teachers and scholars, and learned the importance of continuously pursuing knowledge at a young age. Her dream in high school was to use her resources to become a medical missionary to Africa, but life got in the way. Still interested in the sciences, however, Ms. Kiser decided to make the best of her situation and become an independent scholar. She was very good at analysis, particularly instrument analysis, and took pleasure in digging deep and discovering the truth about things.

Over the years, Ms. Kiser garnered hands-on experience in positions like microbiologist for the South Carolina State Board of Health, teacher at Dickenson County Schools, laboratory manager and research scientist in the Mead Imaging Division of Mead Corp., and group leader of chemical control at Marion Merrell Dow. She also served as a senior research and development chemist of managing incoming quality control for Arcade Inc. and as a research and development laboratory coordinator for Dupont Nonwovens. Notably, she developed five patents through Mead Corp and founded the Mead Imaging Hiking Club. Her professional designations include a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Emory & Henry College and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from East Tennessee State University, as well as certification as a collegiate professional teacher. To stay on top of developments in her industry, she completed postgraduate coursework in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State University, and joined the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Chemical Society.

Now, Ms. Kiser is thriving as an independent writer. She founded Kiser Publications in 2009, and has since released books like “Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries,” and “Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science.” Additionally, she contributed to “ACS Symposium Series 417, Radiation Curing of Polymeric Materials” and has authored numerous technical reports, instrument manuals, and technical training courses. One of the most enjoyable moments of her career was using an electron microscope and writing and teaching classes on it. Looking to the future, Ms. Kiser hopes to be remembered as a champion of truth.

When Ms. Kiser has free time, she pursues hobbies like playing classical piano, hiking, writing nonfiction and poetry, and collecting natural history.

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