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Susan Campbell

Having accrued more than two decades of inimitable expertise in her field, Susan Keeler Campbell has garnered a laudable reputation as a massage therapist, holistic practitioner and spa professional, providing restorative bodywork and complementary medicine to clients. Initially working as a cosmetologist and hair salon owner, she was absorbed by the demands of managing her busy shop when a friend approached her about attending a massage therapy class with him. Curious, despite having limited exposure to the profession, she agreed and registered for the class. Several weeks later, frustrated by a lack of facial massage techniques that she could bring back to her salon, Ms. Campbell was told by the instructor that the class would only cover full-body massage, but that she was welcome to a refund if she was not enjoying the work in one more week.

Determined to see the class through, Ms. Campbell stayed in class the additional week she had promised, and found herself more and more fascinated with the profession. She completed the class and massage therapy licensure, and, in 1998, closed her salon to open the Isle of Avalon, where she continues to work with clients in addition to supervising a staff of 10 licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. For her phenomenal service, her company has been ranked highly via the Better Business Bureau. Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Campbell has pursued an extensive advanced education in traditional Chinese medicine practices and acupuncture, and is a firm believer in the ability of complementary therapies to make progress in complex injuries and chronic illness.

Ms. Campbell sees her work as reparative, and considers it an honor to help clients overcome their initial complaints and return to their normal lives. She credits the success of her company to being passionate about her clients and providing sincere quality service to individuals seeking help. She considers the highlight of her career to be a period of extensive work she undertook with a client that was bound to a wheelchair due to muscle atrophy, who eventually regained the use of her legs and was able to walk again. Ms. Campbell feels as though this profession was a calling to her and enjoys the lasting impact she leaves on her clientele.

Ms. Campbell attributes her success to the support of her husband and her best friend, and lives by the dictum that one must keep their promises. Looking toward the future, she aspires to begin winding down her involvement in the Isle of Avalon and retire with a generous pension. Outside of her massage therapy business, Ms. Campbell enjoys nature and animals in her spare time. She is happily married to her husband Russell, who is a weapons specialist for the U.S. Army, and the two share a son, Christopher Adams, who works as a registered nurse.


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