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Sophia Medinsky

Sophia Medinsky, MS, is a registered dietitian nutritionist with more than 15 years of experience in medical and private practice settings. Her interest in dietetics came from a passion for helping others and a desire to support patients in developing strategies for a healthy lifestyle and positive self-image. A graduate of New York University, she earned a Bachelor of Science in food and nutrition in 2003 and completed her Master of Science in clinical nutrition and dietetics in 2006. The same year, she became a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified dietitian-nutritionist in the state of New York.

After a preprofessional internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Ms. Medinsky became an intensive care unit clinical dietician at Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, where she remained until 2007. For the next five years, she was a nutrition instructor with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, working directly with patients as a part of the Partners in Care program. Between 2016 and 2018, Ms. Medinsky was a registered dietitian on staff at the Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Since 2019, Ms. Medinsky has been a dietitian-nutritionist at the Kirby Psychiatric Center, in addition to seeing patients in private practice at Medin Healing The Weight Loss Steps, LLC. Her practice specializes in weight management for obesity and diabetes, and she prides herself on providing flexible and personalized treatments for each patient. A core of her practice is that each patient requires individual attention and solutions for weight loss and weight management to match their needs and lifestyle, and she is proud to bring her clinical experience to her private-practice patients. At the Kirby Psychiatric Center, Ms. Medinsky primarily conducts patient assessments and assigns appropriate diets for patients during their stays.

As a part of her commitment to professional development, Ms. Medinsky has pursued extensive continuing education, including maintaining ServSafe certification and taking COVID-19 contact tracing training through Johns Hopkins University. She is a reviewer for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour, the Rosen Publisher Group, Inc., and the SNE MyPyramid e-Catalog, and has created numerous independent book and product reviews since 2005. Ms. Medinsky has contributed to books including “500 Recipes for Moms” and “400 Moms Discover What 400 Nutrition Experts Feed Their Kids.” She has made community service a pillar of her practice since her time as a student, when she volunteered as an assistant to the senior clinical dietitian at Bellevue Hospital Center, and continues to advocate for the community.

In recognition of her professional excellence and her patient successes, Ms. Medinsky was the recipient of a 2011 Fuel Up to Play 60 grant, among other honors. She is proud to have built her private practice on word of mouth and patient referrals and credits her long-term success to her authentic concern for patient outcomes and her compassion for the people she works with. Reflecting on her career, she expressed gratitude to the dietitians and nutritionists that she worked with early in her career, particularly the team at New York University, for shaping her interest in weight management as a specialization and her approach to weight loss practice. Ms. Medinsky looks forward to continuing her work for years to come and hopes to be able to focus on clinical research in order to change accepted standards and metrics for how ideal weight is measured.


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