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Selina Ellis

From an early age, Selina Y. Ellis has harbored an affinity for helping others, specifically individuals with disabilities and the elderly. Originally cultivating a future for herself as an attending nurse, she quickly realized her potential to assist those in need both inside and outside of health care facilities. Equipped with a newfound sense of purpose, Ms. Ellis embarked on a professional venture that has culminated with the foundation of S. Ellis Adult Day Care Services LLC.

Prior to establishing the aforementioned company, Ms. Ellis obtained her certification as a nursing assistant. Additionally, she enrolled at Perimeter College at Georgia State University and earned an Associate of Arts in business in 2010. Combining her edificatory experiences with her passion for caretaking, she found success as the founder and proprietor of S. Ellis Adult Day Care Services LLC in 2015. In this capacity, Ms. Ellis ensures that all government regulations are maintained throughout her establishment, and reinforces policies and procedures concerning the safety of all staff and guests. Moreover, she oversees a staff of 10 individuals and manages all of the daily entertaining, therapeutic and educational activities provided for the seniors during all hours of operation.

What separates Ms. Ellis from others in the field is the fact that she is very hands on with seniors she assists. She takes pride in establishing relationships with her clients and making sure they are comfortable at all times. She provides many amenities for her patients including a movie theater room, a game room and a salon. She creates a homey space for those who spend time there. Additionally, Ms. Ellis incorporates the requests of the seniors, to make the environment as accommodating to their standards as possible. In a career filled with highlights and memorable moments, she is most proud of developing the foundation for S. Ellis Adult Day Care and is humbly gratified by the smiles that she puts on her clients’ faces.

For her humanitarian efforts, Ms. Ellis has been bestowed with such accolades as the Best of Home Care Award in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In an effort to remain aware of changes in the business industry, she maintains affiliation with the Better Business Bureau. She attributes her success to her dedication in helping others, as well as her drive to instill a sense of community among her clientele. She would like to be remembered by her peers as an outgoing woman with a bubbly personality and a pleasant aura. Ms. Ellis plans to garner expertise as a nurse practitioner and establish urgent care facilities throughout the southeastern United States in the near future.


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