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Sabrina Glimcher

Drawing on years of expertise in banking, mergers and acquisitions, and aircraft finance, Sabrina P.R. Glimcher serves as chief commercial counsel of Global Jet Capital. She excels within the aviation company as its senior counsel, having maintained activity in this position since 2016. She liaises with cross-functional teams to document and close complex corporate aircraft financing transactions around the globe. She also assists in corporate governance, general financing and legal entity management matters.

As a child, Ms. Glimcher traveled often, which piqued her interest in the aviation industry. When she was 9, she took a trip to Tel Aviv on a 747800, which is the third-largest passenger aircraft. In 1994, the Israeli airport did not have traditional gates yet, so she was able to deplane onto the tarmac next to the aircraft. Being a 9-year-old next to the airliner, Ms. Glimcher remembered looking back at it and saying to her father, “How does something that big and heavy fly?” They got into reading about the physics of flight, which created a fascination and was very present in their everyday conversation.

Prior to obtaining her current positions, Ms. Glimcher gained valuable expertise in the field as a staff attorney of Waypoint Leasing Limited, a helicopter lessor, and an associate attorney with Jones Day, where she specialized in the representation of airlines, financial institutions, and investment funds in connection with the acquisition and disposition of corporate and commercial aircraft and related financing matters. Looking toward the future, Ms. Glimcher hopes to have the opportunity to serve as general counsel to an aviation company.

An expert in her field, Ms. Glimcher earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the Ohio State University in Columbus, which she earned in 2007. Following this accomplishment, she received a JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland in 2010. Since pursuing her education, Ms. Glimcher has attributed her success to the ownership she assumes for the work she produces, whether good or bad. Her sense of responsibility ensures that she does not make the same mistakes twice.


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