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Esther Frey

Esther Frey became involved in missionary work through her family and upbringing, as her family members were all involved in the church, where her father would often invite guest speakers. Ms. Frey’s father would often house the speakers, leading to her meeting many missionaries and religious figures as a child.

Realizing that missionaries were just ordinary people, Ms. Frey later attended Bible school in Chicago, Illinois, to learn more about the word of God and develop her spiritual understanding. She also fondly recalled that after being told by the Lord she was meant to instruct others, she was moved to pursue a life as a missionary. Her parents then revealed that they both wanted to be missionaries but were unable to, and they had raised their children with the hope that they would one day take on that role. Today, Ms. Frey’s brother serves in Spain, and her sister conducts missionary work in Canada.

Since immigrating to Puerto Rico in 1966, Ms. Frey has served as a missionary and regional director for Bible correspondence courses at Escuela Biblica Emmaus in Puerto Rico. In addition to this role, she founded El Camino, La Verdad, Y La Vida Camp in 1971 and has received recognition for her service. In her day-to-day work, she corrects exams, answers questions, works with local churches and ministers, and organizes clubs and music for children. Ms. Frey maintains membership with Christian Missions In Many Lands, the Missionary Service Committee, and the Wallenstein Bible Church in her home country of Canada. Along with the influences of her childhood, she was inspired to pursue her vocation after reading the biography “By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt into Faith” by Isobel Kuhn, an Indian missionary. Among her career accomplishments, Ms. Frey has been most moved by prisoners whom she has witnessed come to faith. Some now even serve as church pastors.

To commemorate and recognize her lifetime of service and achievement, Ms. Frey has been featured in Marquis Who’s Who Millennium Magazine. She was also named a Marquis Who’s Who Industry Leader. Her plans, in time, include returning to Canada to be with her family and seeking a director to take over her ministry in Puerto Rico. Ms. Frey advises young and aspiring missionaries to love the Lord, be in communion with him, seek his guidance, and be willing to do whatever it takes to serve him.


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