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Rachel Hainaut

Proven and trusted, Rachel E. James Hainaut is the director of investor reporting for the Logistics Property Company LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, where she expertly leverages more than a decade of overall experience in accounting. Working in her current role since 2023, Ms. Hainaut is responsible for providing both ad hoc and recurring investor reports to the business’ institutional investors. Most of her professional experience has been within the real estate industry, specifically in the multifamily sector, with additional background in the hospitality, storage, and logistics industries.

As a certified public accountant (CPA), Ms. Hainaut has focused on her credentials and vast knowledge in accounting as the fundamental building block of her success.  In this vein, she maintains membership in the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Institute of Management Accountants. In excellent preparation for her career, she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2009, after which she continued her studies at the institution and secured a Master of Public Administration in accounting in 2010.

With her degrees firmly in hand, Ms. Hainaut got her start as an audit intern at the Patrick W. Romenesko CPA firm from 2009 to 2010 and began her full-time career as a staff accountant with the GFS Group from 2010 to 2011. She worked as a property accountant with JVM Realty from 2011 to 2012 and spent three years with Waterton, garnering experience as a senior portfolio accountant. Attributing her success to the multiple mentors she has found throughout her career in various workplaces, Ms. Hainaut believes that collaborating with others has been a key to her success. She also credits the mentorship of Bridgette O’Hare and Mike Beringer as influential components in her professional journey.

Further, between 2015 and 2017, Ms. Hainaut worked with LivCor as a senior accounting associate and accounting manager, after which she became an accounting manager for Revantage Corporate Services. Rising to a leadership position for the first time in her career, Ms. Hainaut became an assistant vice president of Harrison Street Real Estate Capital LLC from 2019 to 2020. After working as the property accounting manager for Logistics Property Company LLC for several years, today, she is proud to have achieved the director of investor reporting position.

Throughout her professional experiences, Ms. Hainaut has been a firsthand witness to the low representation of women in her industry and sectors. To combat this reality and empower burgeoning women professionals, she tries to collaborate with other women in her field whenever she can. As she builds her name and brand within her professional community, she notes that it is important to acknowledge that no one, including her, has all the answers. This humility is at the core of Ms. Hainaut’s philosophy of mentorship and collaboration. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of being open-minded and vulnerable, two characteristics she considers key contributors to her accomplishments. Ultimately, Ms. Hainaut hopes to be remembered by her peers as being pleasant to work with and a role model.

Looking ahead, Ms. Hainaut plans to continue broadening her experience, learning, and growing on her professional path. As always, she seeks to understand her industry as much as possible to prepare her for future opportunities. She believes strongly in the importance of amassing knowledge and pursuing continual development personally and professionally. Most important to Ms. Hainaut is the time she shares with her husband, Jason, and their daughters, Claire and Chloe. She considers being a mother while working full-time to be her most notable achievement. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing and watching tennis as well as traveling.


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