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Andrea Chesek

Born in El Paso, Texas, Andrea M. Contin-Chesek spent her early years traveling internationally. She embarked on her professional journey at Asociacion Escuela Lincoln, also known as the American International School of Buenos Aires-Lincoln School, in Argentina. After graduating with a diploma, she went on to matriculate at John Cabot University, an American university in Rome, Italy, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in psychology, magna cum laude, in 2001. Ms. Contin-Chesek began practicing Pilates upon her return to the United States in 2003, recalling that she was instantly captivated upon taking her very first Pilates class.

Having always turned to physical fitness to manage her health needs, be it stress, anxiety, depression or something else, Ms. Contin-Chesek found in Pilates a form of exercise that helped her achieve her physical goals to improve her congenital diastasis recti, a condition that causes the abdominal muscle walls to separate, allowing her to strengthen her core in a way that no other form of exercise had. In 2006, after moving to Atlanta, Georgia, she decided to pursue certification as a Pilates instructor so that she could bring her passion to others. Ms. Contin-Chesek achieved classical Pilates certification and completed a Pilates apprenticeship at Urban Body Studios in Atlanta the following year.

Following the completion of her certification, Ms. Contin-Chesek began her career as a Pilates instructor. In addition to teaching at Urban Body Studios, she spent the following five years teaching at various studios and other locations, including Georgia Tech University, where she offered Pilates classes for students. During this period, she developed a dedicated following and has been proud to see a number of her former students and clients go on to open their own Pilates studios. In 2010, Ms. Contin-Chesek paused her work upon the birth of her first daughter, and her second followed in 2013 not long after she’d moved to Peachtree, Georgia.

Even while she wasn’t working, Ms. Contin-Chesek’s passion for Pilates never ceased, and she continued to further her education through workshops with a variety of renowned classical Pilates instructors. When her second pregnancy resulted in an umbilical hernia, she returned to Pilates with renewed vigor, and she found herself compelled to open her own studio. In 2017, she established the ProperPilates Studio, where she and her team of professionals offer Pilates classes five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday and on Monday by appointment. Holding considerable expertise in the classical structure of Pilates, as she looks toward the future, Ms. Contin-Chesek hopes to continue to grow and expand her business and eventually establish a Pilates university.

For her excellence, Ms. Contin-Chesek has been the recipient of a number of honors and accolades. She is the two-time recipient of the Best of Georgia honor, which was most recently awarded to her in 2022. In 2021, ProperPilates was featured in Pilates Encyclopedia and has also been featured by City Lifestyle Atlanta and Gratz Pilates, which recognized Ms. Contin-Chesek for her longtime affiliation and use of their Pilates equipment. The studio has also been named among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Studios in the World by Pilates Anytime. When she isn’t working, she enjoys hiking, traveling, meditation, watching Netflix and spending time with her two daughters. More information about Ms. Contin-Chesek and the ProperPilates Studio can be found on their website, https://www.properpilatesstudio.com.


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