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Patricia Sproul

Patricia D. Sproul is a certified medical assistant and business management expert who has dedicated her career to helping companies across sectors streamline their processes and maximize growth through operational oversight. Since 1999, she has worked with HealthForce, a manufacturer and distributor of herbal and nutritional supplements. Inspired by her lifelong interest in health and wellness, she joined the company as a customer service manager, rising to become general manager of onsite operations before the company relocated its headquarters from Southern California to Arizona in 2013. When she began working with HealthForce, Ms. Sproul recalls that company staff was limited to just her and the production crew, and she began by handling accounting, management and human resources concerns.

Ms. Sproul continues to work remotely for HealthForce SuperFoods as the company’s accounting coordinator, with responsibilities including overseeing and processing accounts receivable and accounts payable. She works closely with the onsite customer service teams on a daily basis to manage accounting issues and reconcile records. HealthForce SuperFoods is proud to offer a comprehensive line of certified organic nutritional products, and works with retailers and individual clients to manage wholesale and direct-to-consumer accounts. Before joining the wellness industry, Ms. Sproul spent a number of years in the medical field, having studied at Carnegie Mellon University, where she earned an Associate of Science Degree in medical assisting in 1962.

Ms. Sproul began her career as a medical assistant and helped run a general practice office, where she remained for several years. Though she had the opportunity to continue studying to become a registered nurse, she enjoyed her work and preferred to remain a medical assistant, as she worked directly for a prominent physician and was essentially his right hand woman. In recognition of her academic aptitude and her contributions as a medical professional, Ms. Sproul was presented with a Medical Assistant Award at the New York Academy of Medicine.

Later on, Ms. Sproul refocused her career to emphasize business management. At National Pen Corporation, she rose to become manager of the order entry department, and her work helped save the company more than $24,000 annually. Acknowledging her contributions to production efficiency, National Pen presented Ms. Sproul with an award for Best Cost Savings Suggestion and several Employee of the Month Awards.

Throughout her career, Ms. Sproul developed business expertise that she long hoped to bring to a company whose values align with her own, and she is proud to have helped develop HealthForce’s business. Though successful in her other jobs, she recalls feeling that her heart wasn’t in it, and she is excited to merge her management experience with her passion for wellness in the nutritional services industry. She credits her success to dedication to her work and her innate positivity, helping others to try to see the best outcomes in every situation. Outside her work, Ms. Sproul enjoys spending time with family and their rescue dog, JJ. She is an avid amateur photographer, enjoys reading and working with numbers, and is a frequent donor to area organizations benefiting veterans.


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