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Patricia Madson

Attributing her success to her desire to work, Patricia A. Madson embarked on her career immediately following her graduate from high school. Joining a Public Office starting in California, she worked with the Kedena Air Base Library in Okinawa, Japan, and the Air Force administration at Kedena Air Force Base through Voice of America Okinawa. She then returned to the United States and took a position with Voice of America in Washington, D.C. Following these positions, she found herself desiring a change of career and she was encourage by her then boss’ assistant to seek a job in Capitol Hill. She achieved her first position for then Rep. Paul Findley, and rose to become a journal clerk for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1987.

By the time Ms. Madson retired in 2011 as a chief journal clerk, she had spent over 45 years working in federal service. Among her duties, she recorded the actions of the House, proofed all the documents and maintained a staff of four other people. Over the course of her career, she additionally worked with the Hon. Paul Findley of Illinois, Rep. Robert Latta of Ohio, former Rep. Michael Madigan of Illinois, former Rep. Robin Beard of Tennessee, former Rep. Robert McClory of Illinois, former Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, and former Rep. Robert Michel of Illinois.

In order to keep abreast of developments in the field, Ms. Madson has also had a longstanding affiliation with her local Republican club. While she has achieved much over her course of her career, she considers the most enjoyable part of her work to have been the production of the yearly books compiling all of the documents and writings she created in a calendar year. These books are published through the government printing office and distributed to a wide range of libraries and universities.

Another time that will stay with Ms. Madson forever are the events of 9/11. That morning, she was in the chamber and was escorted out by the sergeant of arms when the attacks began. With no real idea of what was going on, she and her colleagues gathered at a pub on Pennsylvania Ave where they watched the second tower go down. They were unable to get to the Capitol until 1pm, and even then they were only able to get there with a police escort.

Born to father James Stuart and mother Marietta Slack Osborne, Ms. Madson is herself the proud mother of two children, Michael Milligan and Wendy McMillian. Through them, she has become grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren. Robert, Stephanie, Lauren and Edward. Proud of having such a long and rewarding career, Ms. Madson lives her life by the motto, “Be honest.”


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