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Pamela S. Williams, BS, MSHRM, is the founder, owner, and chief executive officer of Peaceful River Residential Services, a company providing clients with independent living support and group living services. Focusing on serving veterans, the elderly, and clients with developmental disabilities, Peaceful River Residential Services operates several live-in facilities that enable customized, 24-hour care and support for all residents. As the owner and chief executive officer, Ms. Williams oversees operations for a staff of up to 60 medical and care support professionals and remains active in daily operations, including conducting daily leadership meetings and walk-throughs of residential care facilities. In addition to maintaining a dedicated presence in the company, she is also responsible for long-term planning and business development, including strategy and creation of five- and 10-year operational plans to ensure the continued success of her clients, staff, and the business as a whole.

Prior to entering the health and residential care industry, Ms. Williams found significant success in the financial services sector. She graduated from Columbus State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and public relations and earned her Master of Science in human resources management and services at Troy University in 2001. She began her career as an insurance broker working with Citigroup and then Primerica. While affiliated with Primerica, Ms. Williams recruited more than 200 active agents to her team and took pride in the opportunity to help others new to the industry learn and develop as professionals.

In 2007, Ms. Williams made the challenging decision to close her insurance business to help support her husband through a health emergency. After leaving the insurance field, she transitioned into traditional banking, using the financial and interpersonal skills she developed as an insurance broker. She entered the banking industry as an investment banker with Wells Fargo, where she specialized in working alongside advisers and financial planners to help develop retirement portfolios and other products for bank customers. In addition to her success in financial services, Ms. Williams also excelled as a project manager for Total System Services, LLC, and as a college-level instructor at Columbus Technical College, the University of Phoenix and Miller-Motte College.

Ms. Williams’ decision to enter the health care industry was inspired by her personal experiences helping those in need, both within her family and as a Wells Fargo associate. In 2007, she established Peaceful River Residential Services, intending to partner with a large Medicare provider, but they instead grew to become an independent, HUD-certified provider in their own right. The company serves patients in assisted-living settings in five locations, including specialized memory care support and care personalized for the unique needs of veterans. In addition to elder care, Peaceful River Residential Services operates four residential group homes for adults with special needs and offers community-based care and management of insurance and other necessities. Outside direct patient services, Peaceful River Residential Services operates a real estate arm that handles all facility ownership and management needs internally.

Ms. Williams credits her success to her faith and to the values instilled in her by her parents. Raised by a homemaker and a veteran, she learned early the value of hard work, integrity, and accountability to others, and she considers her values to be core to her work. While grateful for her success in business, she feels that her greatest accomplishment is providing consistent, high-quality and compassionate care to the clients she serves and to their families. Ms. Williams is active in her community as a member of the boards of organizations such as Girls Inc. and United Way Worldwide and created the David S. Williams Courage Award, an annual honor presented as part of the SportVisions Athlete of the Year Award to an athlete demonstrating values of courage and heart both on- and off-field. In recognition of her commitment to service, Ms. Williams has been the recipient of honors including a 2022 James M. Dixon Foundation Circle of Care Award, a 2022 Urban League Humanitarian Award and a 2022 Points of Light Award.


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