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Nicholeen Peck

Nicholeen P. Peck is an independent teacher, parenting coach, and the creator of “Self-Government,” a system of family interaction and discipline based on emotional self-control and effective verbal communication. A longtime foster parent and biological parent of four, Ms. Peck developed Self-Government as a system of helping families create harmonious home environments by teaching emotional self-control to parents and children of all ages. She began to develop the basics of Self-Government in the 1990s based on her experiences as a treatment foster parent and coursework taken with private mentors and through George Wythe University.

Starting in 1999, Ms. Peck offered families independent coaching in the principles of Self-Government, and since 2008, she has shared her message to a wider range of families as the owner and president of Teaching Self-Government. She describes family communication as her passion, and she is the co-founder of the Empower Families Coalition and various children’s health and protection organizations in addition to her work with Self-Government. Her parenting advice has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, and podcasts, and she was a guest on the BBC documentary series “The World’s Strictest Parents” in 2009.

Ms. Peck is the author of 11 books, including “A House United: Changing Children’s Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self-Government” in 2013, “Roles: The Secret to Family Business and Social Success” in 2016, and a series of rhyming picture books for younger readers reinforcing the basics of Self-Government. Her books have been translated into Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, and she is an in-demand speaker across the globe, having presented for audiences in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Within five years, she hopes to continue traveling to teach workshops and help families constructively resolve some of the issues that often start at home. Currently, Ms. Peck is working on another book with publication anticipated in late 2021, and has started to release original content on a newly-launched YouTube channel.


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