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Nancy Lu Walters

Backed by expertise in medical technology and education, Nancy Lu Walters is thriving as the medical assistant coordinator at Cincinnati Technical College (now Cincinnati State Technical and Community College). She joined the school in 1970 as the head of the Allied Health Department and obtained her current position in 1976. Over the years, Ms. Walters has experienced much success in her efforts to design labs and set up new procedures. She has also been instrumental in mentoring the next generation.

To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Walters earned a Bachelor of Arts from Lindenwood College and became a certified medical assistant and a certified MT (ASCP). She then garnered hands-on experience as a medical technologist at Saint Joseph Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, the chief medical technologist at Johnson County Memorial Hospital, and the health occupations coordinator at Indiana Vocational Technical College and Chippewa Technical Institute. Additionally, Ms. Walters became involved with prominent professional organizations like the Ohio Society of Allied Health Professions, the American Society of Allied Health Professions, and the American Association of Medical Assistants. She remains the secretary of the Ohio Society of Medical Assistants and a member of the Long Range Strategy Committee of the Ohio Society of Medical Technologists to this day.

Outside of health care, Ms. Walters is very active in politics and civic work. She was notably invited to be the chair of the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC) in 2019, a great honor. She has also been the membership chair and newsletter publisher of the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus since 1996, the president of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) since 1995, and the chair of the administrative board of the Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church since 1994. Prior to this, Ms. Walters served as a member of the professional education committee of the American Cancer Society, the board of directors of the Cincinnati Chapter of Indiana Voters, and the board of directors of the ACLU, among many other positions.


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