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Megan Hollifield

Megan S. Hollifield has been actively involved in church activities and music since her childhood. She spent many hours participating in piano and voice lessons during her upbringing and played roles in local community theaters. She shares her knowledge and expertise in musicianship and worship as the director of worship studies for North Greenville University, a private Christian liberal arts college located in Tigerville, South Carolina. Alongside this role, Ms. Hollifield has been the contemporary worship director with the Fairview Baptist Church since 2023 and has served as the vice president of the North Greenville University financial aid appeals committee. As the director of worship studies, she coordinates all activities of the program, oversees changes to the curriculum, and handles the creation of new courses. Before her current role with the Fairview Baptist Church, she served as the worship director for the Advent Church from 2022 to 2023.

Considering it an honor to be involved in her field and current positions, Ms. Hollifield gives credit for her success to her husband, Dillon Hollifield, who has been her biggest supporter and is also a professional musician in worship. He always encourages her to strive for more. Her parents also fostered her drive for personal achievement, always helping her to build her self-confidence and believing in her potential. Above all, Ms. Hollifield believes that her connection and personal relationship with God make all of her accomplishments possible

In 2015, Ms. Hollifield pursued higher education at her current employer, North Greenville University, earning a bachelor’s degree in worship. Beginning her studies in pre-medicine with the plan of pursuing a job that could bring hope to others, she eventually realized her lifelong calling to music was the best way to accomplish her goals. After completing her undergraduate degree, Ms. Hollifield taught secondary choral education for five years in charter schools. She worked with the NoteAbility Community Music School from 2015 to 2018 and with GREEN Charter Schools from 2016 to 2019. In 2017, she continued her studies at Liberty University, a private evangelical Christian university, graduating with a Master of Arts in music and worship. Ms. Hollifield is now pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian worship at Liberty University, which she expects to complete in May 2024.

As one of the only women holding both of her positions, Ms. Hollifield is deeply devoted to her career. She was honored to be a featured podcast guest with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and maintains affiliation with the Next Level Worship (NLW) International Association. The South Carolina Baptist Convention is a coalition of more than 2,000 churches, and the NLW is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to helping Christians learn to love and worship God. Ms. Hollifield has shared her knowledge and expertise as a speaker at multiple conferences on worship, an honor she considers her most notable professional achievement.

Witnessing the trend of difficulties within multigenerational worship at many churches, Ms. Hollifield is continually motivated to further her education and train future music ministers and worship pastors to meet the needs of their congregations. In 2017, she was recognized for her professional excellence with a Teacher Achievement Award from High Point Academy. Looking to the future, she aspires to speak at national events and increase her speaking engagements, sharing her diverse expertise in musicianship, Christian leadership, vocal and guitar music, and multigenerational worship. Proud to be involved in the rare discipline of music and Christian studies within academia, Ms. Hollifield also plans to spread her message by publishing multiple books, including a book about multigenerational worship. Outside of her pursuits, she cherishes time with her family and enjoys reading in her leisure time.


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