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Mary-Joy Neuru

As the owner of Due Healing and Movement Arts since 1988, Mary-Joy Neuru is an accomplished and trusted Reiki practitioner and teacher. She began teaching Reiki in 1992, later pursued a credential as a certified sound/energy healer and holds additional key certifications. The first word of her business name carries significant meaning: “Due” stands for “Dynamic Universal Energy.” Through her work, she developed a healing process she named Divine Quantum Reiki, an energy healing process that clears negative energy from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She has also taught Reiki dance and coupled her energy healing work with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, naming the combined therapy Reiki Brain Rewiring.

Prior to her current role at Due Healing and Movement Arts, Ms. Neuru worked as a member and teacher with the Sacred Dance Guild from 2003 to 2013. From 2008 to 2012, she was an administrative assistant with JB Consultants & Associates. Ms. Neuru prepared for her career pursuits at the University of California, Riverside, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in dance in 1973. She went on to obtain a Master of Arts in physical education, with an emphasis in dance, from San Diego State University in 1989. In 2001, she continued her higher education at the same institution, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in theatrical lighting.

Eminently qualified, Ms. Neuru became a certified Jikiden practitioner in 2018. The previous year, she earned a sound healing certificate from the Globe Institute in San Francisco, California, and became a registered Holy Fire III/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Among her numerous credentials, Ms. Neuru obtained certifications in a Marcel Vogel Crystal Healing Method in 2004, in Level I Attunement in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing in 1987, and as a bio-kinetics facilitator in 1992. She is thankful to her spiritual mentor, Barbara Dellinger, whom she calls an intuitive and cutting-edge spiritual counselor.

Alongside her primary roles, Ms. Neuru has dedicated her time to civic involvement, serving as the vice president of the San Diego Reiki Corps for four years and later as the president from 2017 to 2020. She has also volunteered at Scripps Memorial Hospital. Her plans in the coming years include converting her home into a healing house, writing books, and continuing to serve others through her healing work.


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