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Nadine Williams

As the clinical supervisor at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group in Maryland since 2019, registered nurse Nadine Y. Williams is determined to “always look for the good first,” as her personal mantra states. Earning her RN from Miami Dade College and Bachelor of Science in management and finance from Florida State University, Ms. Williams is responsible for leading meetings, conducting orientations, keeping abreast of relevant internal communications, and overseeing all certified nursing assistants, also called CNAs or aides, who are assigned to provide care inside clients’ homes. She first visits homes assessing every client’s needs to determine specifically how the CNAs will be able to assist them. From this assessment, she creates personalized care plans for the aides to carry out. Ms. Williams visits the clients every three months or as needed.

Praised by her peers and leadership for her kindness, compassion, and love for people, Ms. Williams prides herself on being passionate about her profession and striving to help others in whatever ways she can. Her efforts have garnered her official recognition, winning an award for respect and cordiality from Johns Hopkins Home Care Group. Furthermore, Ms. Williams’ expertise and commitment are featured in Marquis Magazine and Millenium Magazine in addition to her being named to Marquis Who’s Who of Professional Women.

Ms. Williams gives the credit for her success to her faith in God, which sustains and helps her to persevere in a sometimes-challenging industry. Whether overcoming obstacles when working with peers, staff, or clients, she is grateful for the opportunity to specialize in nursing and help people in various capacities, which outweighs everything. For anyone who aspires to join the field, she encourages them to never give up even in the face of occasional difficulties. Recalling what inspired her to become a nurse, Ms. Williams always possessed the desire to be of service and decided to work in healthcare after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Ms. Williams immigrated to the United States from Jamaica. Before joining Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, she was a nurse at Potomac Home Support, an independent nurse contractor for assisted living facilities, and an assistant manager at Eckerd Drugs. Her goal in the next five to 10 years is to continue to grow and learn in her current position at the company while helping others and becoming a mentor.


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