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A pronounced name in the field of executive recruitment, Marti Clara Davis was introduced to the industry through her sister-in-law’s friend who owned a staffing agency. Initially working in sales and business development, her business acumen is well-suited for the recruitment profession, her skills having transferred favorably to her new prospects. In 2017, Ms. Davis and her son founded the Higher Talent Group and continued to expand their client base until commencing The Hire Network LLC in 2022. Serving The Hire Network LLC as its founder and executive producer in Chicago, she is particularly proud of passing down her talents to her son, who has been in the recruitment realm for approximately seven years.

The Higher Talent Group is a staffing agency specializing in aerospace and aviation divisions through which Ms. Davis provides individualized consulting services on an hourly basis for various aerospace corporations who wish to recruit specialists. Ms. Davis was initially inspired to focus on the aerospace sector after witnessing her uncle work as an aviation maintenance mechanic. Since that time, she has excelled in a myriad of industries, starting her career as an operations manager for a real estate firm at the age of 21. Subsequently, Ms. Davis served as an executive manager and regional business developer for Select Appointments PLC between 1998 and 2003 in London, England. Following these appointments, she served as the regional recruiting manager for Manpower Professional from 2003 to 2007, the operations and sales management vice president for Aztech Professional Services from 2007 to 2008, and a manager and leader for the Southwest region of Belcan from 2008 to 2016.

Equipped with numerous certifications, Ms. Davis completed courses through Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., in such areas as strategy management, business administration, management, operations, the principles of effective communication in business, marketing, and related support services. Earlier, she received a foundation degree in recruitment practice from the Middlesex University Business School in England in 2003. She was also certified as an accredited master recruiter through the Recruitment & Employment Confederation of the United Kingdom.

Ms. Davis and her team were honored with the Power Award from Manpower Professional in 2017, recognizing their talents as the business unit with the highest revenue and best customer service in the country. She attributes much of her success to the support and inspiration of her son who has always motivated her to keep moving forward. In the coming years, Ms. Davis intends to impart her abilities in sales and networking to her son to ensure their legacy continues. She would also like to start a podcast on her areas of expertise to help listeners enter the workforce.

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