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Marjorie Pitts

After graduating from high school with her diploma in 1969, Marjorie Ann Pitts went on to complete coursework in business at Iowa Lakes Community College in 1970. She began her career with a local credit bureau before joining the Clay County Treasurer’s Office in Iowa in 1973, where she served as a deputy treasurer until 1987. In 1999, she was elected as a county auditor for Clay County. This role saw her working with other auditors in the development of election legislation, and she was notably asked to be a part of a panel discussion at a national cybersecurity conference for election officials throughout the United States. Ms. Pitts retired in 2020.

Concurrent to her career, Ms. Pitts spent time as the chief election officer for the Iowa secretary of state and served as the president of the board of directors for the Iowa State Association of Counties from 2008 to 2015. She was also the president of the Iowa State Association of County Auditors in 2011. For her excellence, Ms. Pitts was presented with a Golden Eagle Award by the Iowa State Association of Counties in 2019, something she cites as the highlight of her career. The Golden Eagle Award is given to individuals who have contributed significantly to county governments.

Striving to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Ms. Pitts attributes much of her success to her willingness to cooperate and facilitate with others as well as to her innate curiosity, which continues to lead her to new and varied experiences. She notes that she didn’t go to school for psychology or political science; however, she learned quickly through practical experience, and her continued pursuit of knowledge helped her to excel in county government. Furthermore, Ms. Pitts strongly believes that you can accomplish more when working with a group of people who have similar goals and aspirations.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Pitts hopes to stay involved in her community, continuing to be active with her local government and various community initiatives. In her free time, she enjoys vegetable gardening and spending time with her family, which includes her husband, Chuck; three sons; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Throughout everything, Ms. Pitts has lived her life by the motto, “Never give up, always look forward.”


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