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Amii Bean-Rozell

Inspired by her mother and father, a data management expert and a logistics coordinator, respectively, Amii N. Bean-Rozell has excelled as the director and an enterprise data manager for IHS since 2020. Previously, she worked for a number of years as a manager for engineering technology for EnerVest Ltd. and a senior data analyst for the World Wide Drilling Group at Apache Corporation. With EnerVest, Ms. Bean-Rozell maintained her focus on efficiency improvement initiatives to achieve optimal performance in multiple domains.

Ms. Bean-Rozell began her career working with her mother. She initially wanted to be a chiropractor, but decided an undergraduate degree in business would be better for owning her own business at the time. Ms. Bean-Rozell’s mother helped her to get an interview for BP, where she then worked for seven years while continuing her studies for an undergraduate degree.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Bean-Rozell gained valuable experience in drilling operations, engineering and management through a number of positions with Oxy, BP, Essentially OM: Spa and Yoga Studio and the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association, with which she maintains her professional affiliation to this day. A champion of her community, she contributes to those in need through Habitat for Humanity and the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She is also the proud owner of two Great Danes and fosters dogs whenever she can through the Texas Great Dane Association. Backed by extensive knowledge, Ms. Bean-Rozell has provided her wealth of expertise to “The Value of Data Warehousing: The Shift,” “Two Database Giants” and “Hands on with the PPDM Board of Directors: To SQL or NoSQL: That is the Question.”

In pursuit of her career, Ms. Bean-Rozell earned a Bachelor of Arts in marketing and management in 2009. She subsequently obtained a Master of Science in data modeling, warehousing and data administration in 2020. In the coming years, she aims to continue thriving in her line of work for at least another 20 years. Eventually, Ms. Bean-Rozell intends to become an executive director for the North American region of the IHS.

Data management is not for everyone; it is not easy, especially when working with oil and gas data. It is complicated and requires someone who has the finesse to navigate through the many systems. Ms. Bean-Rozell attributes her success to her passion for the work, as well as watching her mother’s journey in data management, and the lessons she taught her about how to work hard and not give up. She would like to be remembered by her peers as someone who was ambitious and an expert in her field. Ms. Bean-Rozell advises others looking to pursue her field to not give up and work hard, as well as focus on how data is shared throughout all of the systems engineers use today.


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