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Marjorie Baumberger, since her birth on a small Appalachian hill farm and attending a nearby one room school through the fourth grade, had the support of a community of neighbors working toward not only their own good but also that of the community.  Graduating high school, she was named class valedictorian.  At that time she considered attending college, however, it was several years later after volunteering for a two year term with the AmeriCorps National Service that Ms. Baumberger received her associate degree in business.

At that time, Ms. Baumberger was named to the 2003 All Ohio Academic Team of two year colleges.  She has been a member of Ohio’s Appalachian country for the past decade, participating in their endeavors of bringing tourism to the Appalachian area of Ohio, especially the beautiful family farm with the historic Frederick Kindelberger Stone House and Barn, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  She recently added a beautiful tourist cabin to the farm.

With an Associate of Arts in business from Belmont Technical College, Ms. Baumberger has also served as an accounting assistant at the Swiss Valley Foot and Ankle Center. Furthermore, she worked on her family farm for a time as well, which has been in operation for several generations.

For her efforts in the field, Ms. Baumberger was previously the regional winner of Highest Century Farm in 1993. Most recently, she was presented with the Rural County Award in 2020. In her community, she has been involved with the Switzer Community Heritage Association Inc. She also volunteered as a dairy cattle judge for 4-H. She maintains professional affiliation with Friends of Ohio Barns, Ohio Appalachian Country and St. John’s United Church of Christ. Looking toward the future, Ms. Baumberger hopes to see more people visiting and touring her farm.


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