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Backed by more than 25 years in the medical profession and alternative healing practice, Dr. Marium Murad has founded the Movement Is Blessed program, a technique based on sound scientific principles related to the heart and circulation that aims to de-stress the heart by using a series of specific toe and finger exercises. She is very dedicated to her business and mission, and believes that even if she just touches one life, it’s worth it. Dr. Murad initially designed her program to help her immobilized mother, who suffered from back and heart-related illnesses. Using the program, her mother successfully recovered and then others who used the program had impressive results, and it evolved from there.

The Movement Is Blessed program is particularly beneficial for seniors who are prone to heart-related illnesses and executives who sit for long office hours. It can also help get seniors off their medications. The program’s heart-healthy instructional DVD is self-educational, easy to comprehend, and for people of all ages and all health conditions. It is completely natural with no gadgets or side-effects. “Poor circulation happens when we allow our bodies to remain inactive and immobile. It is the main cause of a decrease in one’s overall health and wellness,” says Dr. Murad.

Dr. Murad prepared for her career by earning an MD from the Fatimah Jinnah Medical College in Lahore, India, and by studying abroad and observing many different cultures. She continues to keep up with developments in her field by maintaining affiliation with the National Association of Professional Women, the American Health Council, the International Society of Business Leaders, the International Women’s Leadership Association, the International Association of Top Professionals, and the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.

Dr. Murad’s work has been recognized worldwide and she has received numerous awards citing her leadership and commitment to her profession. Among these are the Outstanding Professional of the Year Award from the International Association of Top Professionals and the Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award. She has also received recognition as an Empowered Entrepreneurial Woman, Elite Professional of the Year, Top 101 Noteworthy and Outstanding Professionals. Dr. Murad was proud to be interviewed for two shows with celebrity hosts Doug Llewellyn and Jim Masters on CUTV News Radio in June 2017 on behalf of Movement Is Blessed. She was so well-received she was asked to come back for an upcoming six weekly radio show series with the same hosts. Jim Masters will also host Dr. Murad for a television segment at PBS Studios. The show will air on Sept. 23, 2017.

In her spare time, Dr. Murad enjoys art, basketball, hockey, and football.


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