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Maria Alonso

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Maria G. Alonso immigrated to the United States when she was 17 years old. She packed few material possessions yet brought with her unlimited hopes and dreams of success. Enrolling in and completing English classes, she proudly earned her high school equivalency diploma and set her sights on opening her own business. Although her initial venture failed, she was determined to positively press forward. In 2006, she moved from Los Angeles, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she began working as a laborer helping to remodel houses with her father. Learning this and other trades from him was invaluable, and, in time, Ms. Alonso started securing her own clients and performing similar work as a subcontractor. However, due to the devastating, nationwide economic recession in 2008, she resumed working as a laborer. Yet, the company she worked for allowed her to earn her way up to becoming a mechanic and then a foreman. This additional experience gave Ms. Alonso the confidence to eventually start her own construction company, in which she professionally installed ductwork and plumbing in houses, hospitals, schools, and in a variety of other types of buildings and institutions.

Utilizing everything she had learned to that point from all her previous job roles, while gaining and applying new knowledge in other vocational areas, today, Ms. Alonso is the longtime owner and managing member of businesses that she operates simultaneously in the city of Cleveland, Texas, located within the Greater Houston metropolitan area. A highly respected entrepreneur, who received the Premios American Global Awards’ Business of the Year Award in 2023, Ms. Alonso expertly oversees Isabella’s Banquet Hall, accommodating 400 guests for most any kind of social event across elegant indoor and patio spaces; AGM Construction Inc., providing residential and commercial building services; AGM Living, specializing in renting houses; and Galo & Alonso Investments, offering real estate investment services and commercial rentals; and works with CGG Construction, building and selling properties.

For Ms. Alonso, running multiple businesses at the same time is far more rewarding than it is challenging after overcoming numerous obstacles to achieve her status, especially having survived being a single mother in the mostly male construction industry. Now stronger and undaunted, she continually seeks to excel, expand, and improve her businesses for an ever-growing clientele and is attracting more business investors. Ms. Alonso believes what separates her from others who may not reach their goals is her drive to do and achieve more, willpower, extreme focus, and hard work. A professional mission close to her heart that she aims to realize during the next decade is continue working to reach the level of being able to help and motivate many other women to become successful, especially single mothers. Supporting a cause outside of her career and her immediate community, state, and country, Ms. Alonso also plans to continue regularly sending donations to help people in need in Honduras.

Ms. Alonso is among the first local businesspeople to have repeatedly committed to investing her earned resources into the Cleveland, Texas, community. Also taking opportunities learn from some of the world’s most accomplished individuals in her areas of expertise, she often travels to attend the coveted events and seminars presented by world-renowned celebrity billionaire entrepreneur, speaker, investor, coach, and author Grant Cardone.

Ms. Alonso is married to Carlos Gallo and is the mother of Francisco Guerra, Patricia Ochoa, Raul Ochoa, and Isabela Ochoa. She has four grandchildren: Gabriella, Santana, Lilia, and Elena. In between prioritizing cherished moments with her family, running her businesses, and giving back to her local and international communities, she enjoys spending leisure time traveling and reading.


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