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Margaret Rappaport

Harboring an abiding passion for science and anthropology from a formative age, Margaret Boone Rappaport, PhD, has excelled in all her endeavors, culminating in her present role as the co-founder of The Human Sentience Project LLC. Establishing the company in 2013 alongside astronomer and priest Rev. Christopher Corbally of the Society of Jesus, Dr. Rappaport focuses much of her efforts on conducting research in subject areas such as space science, eco-theology, neuroscience, and human cognitive evolution. In addition to her research efforts, she lends her considerable expertise to giving lectures across the United States, writing papers, and authoring books.

Notably, Dr. Rappaport has contributed six books and a myriad of papers to her industry thus far, including “Capital Crime: Black Infant Mortality in America” in 1989, which is her highest-cited paper on ResearchGate. The paper details the disproportionate low birthweight rate among disadvantaged Black women, leading her and other professionals to become more invested in understanding why women in this population document a more significant number of infant deaths and higher low birthweight rates. She cites the recognition of this paper as the highlight of her career. She also wrote “Capital Cubans: Refugee Adaptation in Washington, D.C.” in 1989, “Space Science and Astronomy Theatre” in 2017, and “The Emergence of Religion in Human Evolution (Routledge Studies in Neurotheology, Cognitive Science and Religion)” in 2020. In 1992, she edited “Computer Applications for Anthropologists,” and in 2021, she edited “The Human Factor in the Settlement of the Moon: An Interdisciplinary Approach.” Impressively, Dr. Rappaport recently signed a contract for a book that will be published in 2025 by CRC Press, tentatively titled “The Science and Religion of Space Settlement: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Theology Intersect.” The book will be co-authored by Rev. Corbally and Riccardo Tampa.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Rappaport served in executive-level and academic positions, having excelled as the president of Policy Research Methods, Inc., from 1986 to 2006. She also served as a professor of anthropology and sociology at such prominent institutions as Georgetown University, Prince George’s Community College, and The George Washington University, spending 15 years in academia. Moreover, she was a frequent writer, speaker, and consultant between 2007 and 2012 prior to establishing The Human Sentience Project LLC.

In her own academic endeavors, Dr. Rappaport naturally thrived in the field of biology, having studied the subject extensively during her undergraduate studies. She graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in biology in 1968. Shortly thereafter, she received a Master of Education in social foundations of education from the University of Florida in 1970. Concluding her academic career, Dr. Rappaport received a Master of Arts in anthropology and a Doctor of Philosophy in cultural anthropology from The Ohio State University in 1973 and 1977, respectively. In light of her outstanding feats, she was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society for educators.

As a testament to her achievements in her industry, Dr. Rappaport was honored with the Praxis Award from the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists. She is a past chairperson of the ethics committee of the American Anthropological Association as well as a past member of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Living by the Bible passage found in Luke 12:48 that says, “To whom much is given, much will be required,” Dr. Rappaport attributes much of her success to the influence of her parents, Arthur and Ann Elizabeth Boone, who both believed in the value of education. She was also heavily influenced by the support of anthropologist Erika Bourguignon, who mentored her during her graduate studies, and John Friedal, her dissertation director at The Ohio State University. In the coming years, Dr. Rappaport intends to continue publishing books in her area of expertise.

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