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Luz Stella Yamuni

While growing up in Colombia, Luz Stella Yamuni’s father and grandfather served the community as local healers. Arriving in the United States at 15 years old, she grew up as a vegetarian. When she was 30, she met a cancer patient from Argentina who was able to heal herself. Inspired to pursue a similar path as her ancestors, she established Electromagnetic Health Research in 1987. As president, she offers a range of natural healing products and services, including energy healing, quantum energy healing, aqua chi, bio mat solutions and the BEMER bioelectric magnetic energy regulator. Due to the success of the BEMER products, Ms. Yamuni became involved with BEMER USA, a subsidiary of the international organization.

A global corporation, BEMER USA boasts 20 years of experience in the development of cutting-edge healing technologies, including applicators of varying sizes developed specifically for target areas, control units that allow the user to customize their needs on a crisp, clean interface, and a pro-set that combines several of their products in one comprehensive package. Around the world, Olympic competitors and international sports teams utilize BEMER company products.

An expert in her field, Ms. Yamuni earned a degree through Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and a Bachelor of Divinity from Universal Brotherhood University before embarking on her professional journey. Over the years, she also became a Reiki master and received a homeopathic homotoxicology certificate. Ms. Yamuni has also traveled to India 35 times. The first time she went, they had a beautiful meeting and they gave her a blessing that she would heal.

In light of her professional expertise, Ms. Yamuni has won a University President’s Award, a Homeopathic Toxicology Award, and a Florida Therapeutic & Nutritional Institute Award. Looking toward the future, she intends to experience the continued growth and success of her career. Ultimately, she aims to continue healing others through her products and services for as long as God will allow. She gives all her credit and healing abilities to God, who gave her the gift and the energy. Ms. Yamuni’s philosophy is to make sure she does not eat any animals, and to be very spiritual and meditate every day. She is here to help people feel better and helpful to humanity.

Ms. Yamuni hopes one day that doctors will begin reading energy because doing so avoids invasive procedures. She has found that patients have been able to heal themselves through energy-based practices. She believes that when people pass on, their spirits are imperishable and the entire history of their life is contained in a burst of energy. What has kept Ms. Yamuni inspired is her spirituality; she is not tempted by conventional interests. She is thankful for her loving husband, who managed a cruise ship. She has had a beautiful life, but now focuses on helping others who are out of touch with reality. The best part of her profession is hearing how her work has helped others, which gives her great happiness. There are many tools to be learned, many of which have come to her without her looking for it.


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