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Liz Hunt

Since making her first sale by auction at the age of 6, Liz Hunt, an auctioneering colonel, is a highly accomplished sales and auction professional with more than 15 years of experience. Since 2023, she has found success with EkoStinger Inc., where she is the U.S. sales director for the Midwest. The company designs and manufactures aerodynamic devices for trailers and has been in operation for more than a decade. In this role, Ms. Hunt converses with customers about their needs, sells and demonstrates products, conducts meetings, and gives presentations.

As a multifaceted and in-demand expert, Ms. Hunt has also worked as the chief executive officer and the founder of Hunt Auctions & Land since 2015 and has been a sales executive and auctioneer for Steve Auctions & Realty since 2008. Among her professional achievements, she was recognized by Guinness World Records for the “Most Female Auctioneers in a Single Auction Team in a Venue” in 2016, for the “World’s Tallest Bonfire” also in 2016, and for the “Most Nationalities in an Auction Team in a Single Auction Venue.”

Ms. Hunt’s lifelong passion for auctioneering runs in her blood, as she represents the fifth generation in the profession. She opened her own auction business, Hunt Auctions & Land, following in the footsteps of her family. Proud to work alongside her father in his own auction business, Ms. Hunt’s accomplishments have been considered remarkable as a woman in a male-dominated industry and have earned her widespread recognition. She was the first auctioneer to be featured on the reality TV show “The Amazing Race” and graduated in the top 2% of her auctioneering college, earning her the rank and title of colonel in her field. Ever the trailblazer, she was the only woman to compete in the Iowa Auctioneers Contest in 2021, where she placed among the top five contestants.

Eminently qualified, Ms. Hunt holds numerous credentials. After graduating from Maryville High School, she matriculated at Northwest Missouri State University, where she completed coursework in agricultural science and biochemistry. In 2011, she earned a job readiness certification from the State of Missouri, and in 2015, she became a certified auctioneer through the World Wide College of Auctioneering. Following these accomplishments, Ms. Hunt earned her Missouri salesperson pre-license in real estate and completed bystander intervention training with Traliant. In 2023, she received her auctioneer license from the State of Missouri.

Alongside her primary roles, Ms. Hunt has maintained affiliation with the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association and the Iowa Auctioneers Association to stay on top of developments in the industry. Believing strongly in the individualized nature of sales, she holds firm that every customer must be treated according to their needs. Outside of the auctioneering and sales industries, Ms. Hunt has been a member and secretary for the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge #760.

Ms. Hunt credits her many good fortunes to the unwavering support and guidance of her parents, whom she always looked up to and strived to emulate. Her father is a celebrated auctioneer, rancher, farmer, and cattleman, and her mother is a highly respected nurse, teacher, and auctioneer. Ms. Hunt has always aspired to their strong work ethic and determination, and their positive influence has helped shape her leadership skills and professional path. As a mother, she is dedicated to providing for her family and leaving a lasting legacy for her children. In the long term, she envisions one of her children taking over her auction business. Ms. Hunt is determined to expand her company beyond its current scope, and one day, she hopes to hold national and even global auctions.


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