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Having accrued more than three decades of expertise in her field, Lisa D. Nelson specializes in recording production services of commercial, gospel and religious music. Since 1987, she has built a prolific career as an independent owner, artist and producer of Class A Music LLC. In this capacity, she is responsible for scheduling and planning events, overseeing all aspects of live video and audio performance recordings, ensuring the availability of recording equipment, managing postproduction services, and independent, convention, conference, wedding and reception recordings.

In addition to her primary vocation, Ms. Nelson serves as a professional keyboardist, choir director, composer and independent recording artist in such genres as gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, and classical music. She also performs with major and independent artists for concerts, plays, and live and studio recordings. With this sentiment, Ms. Nelson has written and produced “Meditations of My Heart,” “The Famine is Over,” “Oh Lord We Praise Your Name” and “Yes I Know He Will.”

Notably, in 2006, Ms. Nelson was honored as Instrumentalist of the Year for “Meditations of My Heart” at the Newsome Gospel Music Awards. Among her professional accomplishments, she is most proud to have recorded six instrumental and vocal records and singles of her own, in addition to the opportunity she had to record Jennifer Holliday’s first gospel CD at her independent production company.

In the earlier years of her career endeavors, Ms. Nelson worked as a musical director for the Bobby Jones Gospel television show and tours in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1980 to 1983. She also served as a musical director for Jennifer Holliday from 1993 until 1994 and as a minister of worship and arts at the Union Baptist Church in White Plains, New York, between 1996 and 2020.

A veteran keyboard player, Ms. Nelson believes she was born gifted. She and her brother were protégés of their father, who was an excellent musician. She considers herself blessed to have a musical lineage that allowed her to achieve milestones that she believes the average young child today cannot attain. Notably, she began her formal training in music when she was five. By age 18, she joined the National Piano Guild Auditions and qualified as a certified music instructor.

Ms. Nelson’s professional career began after conducting coursework in music education at Fisk University and receiving training in music business entertainment law at Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business in 1983. Taking the specialized program paved the way for opportunities to work in music and television, which led her to open her company. In addition, in 2013, she achieved a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Theology in biblical studies and theological and ministerial studies from the Northwestern Theological Seminary.

To remain committed to her field, Ms. Nelson has been active with several industry-related associations, including the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and the National Music Publishers Association, among others. Likewise dedicated to civic advocacy, she contributes to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, supports various children’s and animal charity organizations, and serves as a pastor at the Hope South Christian Center of Atlanta.

Ms. Nelson attributes her success to her parents, who positioned her for success by ensuring her talent development and music education. Her lineage motivated her to grow her skills and pursue a path that used them. She also received massive exposure to music from a very young age, opening her eyes to multiple aspects of the field, including music production and recording, which facilitated her career advancement. As a dedicated Christian, she also traces her professional inclinations and success to her faith. Mindful that her gift should be shared, she has always given back through her active church involvement, using her skills to benefit the church by polishing its musical ventures.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Nelson plans to continue to train young people in the technical aspects of music production and recording to keep her legacy alive. She aims to pass on the knowledge that usually takes 20 years of experience to gain. Once they are ready to take over her company, she would love to take the back seat while supervising and providing consulting services. In addition, she advises women in business to never back away from their calling, as she led a lively and fulfilling career that she hopes other women can also experience. A distinguished Marquis listee, Ms. Nelson presently resides in Fairburn, Georgia.


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