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Now holding considerable expertise in fireplace design, Lisa Moskal initially pursued studies in cardiovascular science at Union County College, where she earned an Associate of Arts in 2004. Following this, she began a career in customer service as a flight attendant with United Airlines, where she later worked as a member of the sales and marketing department. After leaving United Airlines, she started doing work in fireplaces with Flare Fireplaces and became certified through the National Fireplace Institute. It was during this time that she fell in love with the process of designing fireplaces and, inspired by her mentor, Al, from Flare Fireplaces, was driven to open her own company. Ms. Moskal achieved this dream when she founded The Cozy Dog Fireplace Shoppe in 2018.

The Cozy Dog Fireplace Shoppe offers a wide range of fireplaces, including high end gas, wood, pellet and electric fireplaces, along with a variety of mantles, hearths and fireplace accessories. They also have dedicated in-house teams that will come to install, clean and repair your purchased fireplace to keep it in top working condition. Ms. Moskal and her team work very closely with their clients in order to ensure their clients have the ultimate experience when purchasing their fireplace, from design to installation. Today, Ms. Moskal stands out in her field for being one of only a handful of female owned fireplace companies and maintains professional affiliation with the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association in an effort to remain up to date with developments in the field.

Attributing much of her success to her personality, as well as to her excellent customer service skills, Ms. Moskal feels that she has excelled due to the fact that she has brought a gentler touch to an industry that can be rather aggressive due it being very male dominated. Above everything, she feels that the most important thing she has learned is to sit back and listen. She can be more successful when she listens to her clients to figure out exactly what it is they are looking for. Continuing to grow her business, Ms. Moskal has plans to open up an e-commerce line and is working with a marketing company in preparation for the line’s launch in April 2021.

For excellence in her career, Ms. Moskal has been presented with a number of honors and awards over the years. Mostly notably, she has been presented with the Eager Dealer Award by Town & Country magazine, and The Cozy Dog Fireplace Shoppe has been profiled in NJ Home magazine. Above her accolades, however, she considers the highlight of her career to be starting from next to nothing and building up a successful store in just two years as a woman working in a male-dominated, multi-million dollar industry. She strongly believes that when you are at the bottom you have no choice but to work yourself back up and you will be stronger for it.

Born in Edison, New Jersey, Ms. Moskal is very grateful for the encouragement of her family, particularly that of her grandmother, Emma, who she cites as her main support system as she built up her career. Her family also includes her father, Robert, and her children, Salvatore and Justin. In her free time, Ms. Moskal cultivates her great love of the outdoors by traveling and going on hikes.


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