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As a high school student, Lisa Antalik began working with her aunt and uncle in the hair styling business. When she was eventually presented with the opportunity to purchase the business, she leapt at the opportunity and became her own boss. Since 1987, Ms. Antalik has excelled as the owner of and a hair stylist with Lamberti Hair Designers in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. An expert in color, she attributes her success to a great clientele, working hard, personality and being good at her trade.

Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Antalik is especially proud of successfully operating her business for the last 30 years. In pursuit of her career, she became licensed as a cosmetologist and a manager. During her spare time, she contributes to her community as a donor for local food banks. Looking toward the future, Ms. Antalik aims to experience the continued success of her career until she retires, at which point she will mentor up-and-coming stylists. Her advice to people looking to pursue her field is, “Work hard, don’t ask for anything, look out for yourself, be good to others and it will come back to your return.” She would like to be remembered by her peers as someone strong, talented and who made them comfortable with her. She has learned to keep her mind open and continue to learn all the time. Her clients have said of her, “There is no one that can cut hair like Lisa – she is the best!”


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