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Lily Smernou

After many years as a research psychologist, Lily E. Smernou, PhD, has turned her career path toward the arts to pursue her passion for photography, painting and drawing. Her artwork combines her lifelong love for aesthetics and metaphorical narratives along with her interest in the visual representation of identity aspects.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Dr. Smernou became interested in scientific research in her early college years. Continuing her graduate studies in the United States at the University of Georgia, Athens, she obtained a Master of Science in quantitative psychology followed by a Doctor of Philosophy in 1992. In 1998, Dr. Smernou became the president and chief executive officer of Telegnosis Inc., a company providing consulting services for software engineering and psychological assessment.

Dr. Smernou oversees the development of reliable and unbiased questionnaires addressing diverse clients’ needs for specialized psychological assessment. Questionnaires and assessment tools reflect the clients’ diversity and span a wide range of psychological constructs, such as personality traits, aptitudes, scholastic ability, performance prediction and identity aspects.

Known for her pioneering and uncontested work in the assessment of place-based identity, Dr. Smernou provided evidence that most people create attachments with the physical environment and define their identity in terms of it. The importance of the physical environment as part of oneself appears paramount.

In her artistic pursuits, Dr. Smernou has been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the Alan Avery Art Company, the Naomi Silva Gallery, the Lookout Mountain Gallery, the Seen Gallery, the Center for Fine Art Photography and The Contemporary. She has additionally been featured in the Art & Science Collaborations exhibit at the New York Hall of Science and in the Beltline Benefit of the International Interior Design Association, among other art shows.

Furthermore, Dr. Smernou has published a number of photography books depicting environments with a unique ambiance and distinct physical characteristics. Her books include “Arcadia,” “Monumental Nature: Utah & Arizona,” “Light Fields,” “Blooming Fields,” “Immersion: Yellowstone Tableaux,” and others. For her exceptional talent and skill, Dr. Smernou has received numerous honors and accolades for her art. Her works have been included in The Georgia Review and the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

Dr. Smernou remains involved with Telegnosis even though her work has now expanded into the arts. More information about Dr. Smernou and her art can be found on her personal website, www.lilysmernou.com.


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