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Laurie Cooperman Rosen

Now a retired entrepreneur, Laurie Cooperman Rosen looks back at her success knowing that it was possible only through her hard work, focus, planning, and perfectionism. She never shied away from fulfilling her responsibilities and maintained a strict attention to detail about her finances and business endeavors. From 1998 to 2022, she was the owner of Rent-A-CFO, a business she built herself. From her experience working for a small business, Ms. Cooperman Rosen learned about all aspects of business management, including human resources, business operations, payroll management, and handling retirement plans. She leveraged this knowledge into her own entrepreneurial endeavors and thrived for more than two decades with Rent-A-CFO. Gradually, she dwindled down her clients until she stopped operations and entered her well-deserved retirement. Since closing her business, Ms. Cooperman Rosen has focused her efforts on day trading in the stock market. She handles her own accounting and analysis work and manages a complex portfolio of investments.

With expertise in the financial services industry, business development, nonprofit management, negotiation, business planning, retail, and coaching, Ms. Cooperman Rosen was recognized with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and received the recognition plaque in 2016. She has also been featured in the Marquis Who’s Who Millennium Magazine to celebrate her esteemed career accomplishments. Among her vast professional experience, she worked with Citibank and Crocker Bank, the latter of which is now Wells Fargo Bank, and served as an auditor for multiple organizations. After traveling throughout Europe as an auditing professional, Ms. Cooperman Rosen moved to San Francisco, California. While working as a day trader for Bank of America, she became the chief financial officer of a friend’s company, sparking her future as a financial executive and business administrator.

Ms. Cooperman Rosen’s career has spanned decades, and she has witnessed many changes in the landscape of business and finance with the advent of computers, accounting programs, and the internet. Among her diverse professional experience, she and her husband purchased an old building in New York City with inheritance money from their parents. Through ups and downs, they overall made money on the purchase and revitalized the building. Ms. Cooperman Rosen had many interesting experiences and tenants as the owner of the property. While working as an auditor, she had a memorable experience when she uncovered discrepancies in the bookkeeping. After she was told to keep quiet, she left the job for another position. The company she audited eventually crumbled, and the accounting discrepancies were so manifold that a book was written about the situation.

Dedicated to excellence in her professional endeavors, Ms. Cooperman Rosen studied economics and music at Tufts University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. She later attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, earning a Master of Business Administration in finance and operations management in 1976. Eminently qualified, Ms. Cooperman Rosen earned a Series 7 License through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority known as FINRA. In addition, she is a licensed notary public and holds a real estate broker license.

Since winding up her Rent-A-CFO company, Ms. Cooperman Rosen wakes up at her leisure and walks five miles a day. In her retirement, she has maintained a focus on her health, taking supplements and reading about health and wellness when she can. She plans to emphasize the development of her professional network in the coming years, rather than pursuing work opportunities. As long as her day-trading activities continue to generate profit, Ms. Cooperman Rosen plans to continue investing. Twice married, both of her husbands have since passed away, and in the future, she hopes to spend more time on her health research and rekindle her passion for playing the piano.


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