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Kyle Dick

Kyle F. Dick celebrates more than 15 years of excellence in the energy industry specializing in pipeline and gas construction and on-site nitrogen generation processes. She is the owner and primary operator of Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing, LLC, a certified woman-owned small business, and continues to oversee its growth while maintaining a commitment to quality and integrity. In 2020, Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing, LLC, was nominated for the Smart 50, a list of the top 50 companies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, and has become a pillar of the local small business and energy services industries. Ms. Dick describes the company as a “24/7 operation” that has developed a reputation for being willing to take on challenging and complex testing and pigging projects that other oil and gas companies reject. Working primarily with high-pressure pipeline testing, providing nitrogen for testing, and running chemical cleaning, purging, and drying of lines, Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing, LLC, generates significant business from managing emergency procedures and mitigating damage for major plants and refineries.

Among the company’s clients are major energy companies including Shell and Bechtel, an accomplishment that Ms. Dick considers a major step as a business owner and a woman. She recalls that it took more than two years of consistent work in the area to even be acknowledged by either company, and even more persistent work before landing a contract to work on a cracker plant. Since then, Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing, LLC, has been hired to handle emergencies including the early 2021 Texas freeze, providing additional equipment and nitrogen supply to Shell refineries in the area, and has developed a reputation for excellence in crisis situations.

Ms. Dick believes strongly that Atlantic Nitrogen & Testing, LLC’s quality of work sets them apart from others in the industry, and she highlights her stellar safety record as another point of distinction. As a business owner, she strives to support and goes out of her way to hire United States military veterans whenever possible, noting that her team currently includes veterans of the Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force. In addition to her support for veterans, she hopes to be remembered as a major supporter of other female entrepreneurs and woman-owned businesses, explaining that she knows how hard it can be, especially in a male-dominated industry. She advises others hoping to enter the energy industry to “stay with it, don’t get discouraged, and never give up,” emphasizing that patience and consistent hard work eventually pays off. Ms. Dick attributes her success in the field to her drive, the strength of her team, and having faith in her abilities to do the job and run her company.

Though she has spent most of her career in construction and grew up with the example of her father, an entrepreneur who specialized in revitalizing struggling businesses, Ms. Dick notes that the odds of success in oil and gas were initially against her. She is passionate about the industry and considers it a privilege to see the direct impact that she can have on the areas where she works and considers her employees and colleagues to be “some of the best, most family-oriented and hard-working people” she has ever met, describing them as a second family on long-term or remote jobs. As a part of her commitment to the growth of the industry as a whole, Ms. Dick is active in the Women’s Energy Network and the Appalachian Pipeliners Association and has completed coursework at the Florida Institute of Technology. In the coming years, she hopes to continue expanding her business and to consider retiring to be able to spend more time with family, traveling, and enjoying hiking and fishing in the beautiful natural areas of her home state.


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  1. What a wonderful article about an AMAZING WOMAN!! Kyle Dick is a woman who speaks the truth. She cares deeply about others. And our environment! She is a person who you can count on to be clear, honest,and will work hard for WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN!!

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