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Drawing upon an Associate of Arts in university studies at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California, and a Bachelor of Science in liberal studies, psychology and social justice from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, Kimberly Cargile quickly became involved in the advocacy for the medical use of cannabis from her undergraduate studies. Learning that cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years until the United States’ prohibition act in 1937, she found a passion for social justice and utilized her education to fight for the civil rights of those who are largely oppressed. Subsequent to her college graduation, Ms. Cargile relocated to Sacramento, California, where she began her journey of advocacy for medical cannabis patients.

During her tenure in civic activism, Ms. Cargile helped pass state legislation for the regulation that aided in the passing of local and state pro-cannabis laws. Currently, she owns eight companies, comprised of five dispensaries, two farms and one manufacturing company with the aspiration to open several more facilities. Within the past decade, Ms. Cargile has sat on numerous advocacy boards that push for legislation, and has conducted more than 100 tours for local and state government education on cannabis.

Since 2012, Ms. Cargile has been the chief executive officer of A Therapeutic Alternative, Inc., where she also serves as a fitness trainer, yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Additionally, she is the current owner of Yolo Family Farms, the Riverbank Cannabis Collective, the Davis Cannabis Collective, the Dixon Wellness Licensed Cannabis retail storefront and the Woodland Roots Licensed CBD Commercial Cultivation. Holding a personal fitness trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2001, Ms. Cargile has further contributed her time and expertise to NORML, the California Growers Association, Americans for Safe Access and the California Cannabis Industry Association, where she is a medical cannabis patients’ rights advocate.

Throughout her career, Ms. Cargile has refused to give up despite her past hardships, which have included law enforcement raids to bankruptcies and foreclosures. Standing by her principles, which have ultimately contributed to her success, she is now considered a pronounced expert by the governments that previously worked so relentlessly to shut down her operations. Looking toward the future, she expects to see federal legalization of cannabis and plans to serve on the national board of directors for the First National Cannabis Association. Furthermore, Ms. Cargile is studying federal legalization in foreign countries.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Cargile won the Women Who Mean Business Award, the 40 Under 40 Award from the Sacramento Business Journal, the Top Five Women to Watch and Best Advocate Awards from the Sacramento News and Review, the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Lady Jane Society and the 40 Under 40 Award by Marijuana Ventures Magazine. The recipient of the Luminous Award from the National Women’s Business Association, Ms. Cargile was notably recognized as Advocate of the Year by the Sacramento News and Review.

Moving forward, Ms. Cargile expects to see the federal legalization of cannabis. She also plans to serve on the national board of directors for the first national cannabis association. She is also studying federal legalization in other countries. As people become more aware of the industry, Ms. Cargile wishes to promote the investment of diversity and the successful attempt to keep the industry more aligned with the history and preservation of the history of the industry. She has refused to give up and she believes her mindset, and the mission of her work is what keeps her successful.


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