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A veteran in her field, Kathryn Hull has demonstrated continued excellence in her roles as an independent music teacher and composer, which she’s been since 1949, and as an arts consultant, which she’s been since 1986. She started her journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Pasadena City College in 1949 and by becoming a certified piano teacher, and she never looked back. Over the years, she has accrued experience as a teacher of music theory at the College of the Desert, the chief development officer at ArtScope, the executive director of the Glendale Regional Arts Council, the managing director of the Guild Opera Company, and a music teacher for Mount Olive Christian Elementary School. She has also been affiliated with Public Delos Publications, Pacific Finance, and the Stanford Research Institute.

Even when Ms. Hull isn’t working, she is involved with the arts community. She has been the president of Music Teachers of the Desert since 2014, and on the board of directors of Encore! Musical Moments in Salon Settings since 1994. Previously, she was the founder and president of the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance, the commissioner of the La Quinta Cultural Commission, and a member of the board of directors of the La Quinta Open Air Museum, the Pasadena Boys Choir, the Glendale Youth Orchestra, and the Glendale Chamber Orchestra. Other notable roles include fellow of the National League of American Pen Women, president and secretary of the Steinway Society of Riverside County, and vice president of the Music Teachers National Association, among others.

The highlights of Ms. Hull’s career were being invited to two goodwill missions, one in Europe and one in China, as a music educator. The missions were established in the 1950s with a variety of fields of interest, and she was honored to be chosen. She was also proud to have authored books such as “Pure Luck,” “Sarah’s In-Line Skating Olympics,” “Tory’s Adventure with Johann Sebastian Bach,” and “Tory, the Time Traveler: An Adventure with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.” Further, she contributed numerous articles to professional journals.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Hull earned an arts award from the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce in 1992, the dedication of Symphony No. 1 by Brooke Halpin in 1982, the Service to the Arts Award from the Glendale Regional Arts Council in 1979, and the Honorary Service Award from the California Congress of Parents and Teachers in 1977.

Ms. Hull enjoys spending her free time reading and traveling.

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