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Karina N. Fernandez, Esq., is an attorney specializing in maritime and admiralty law, investment, and entrepreneurship. She is an associate of Brown Sims PC and currently serves as an account manager and counsel at MJ Capital Funding. First earning a Bachelor of Science in political science and government from Florida State University, she achieved her Doctor of Jurisprudence at Tulane University Law School in 2019. While in law school, Ms. Fernandez clerked at Sioli AlexanderPino, a Florida-based firm with practice areas covering insurance litigation, worker’s compensation, business, and maritime law, and became a summer associate of the firm in 2018.

As an attorney, Ms. Fernandez is active in all aspects of the cases she represents, including drafting motions, communicating with clients, overseeing and reviewing the discovery process, and appearing in court. Outside her work in the legal field, she is passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy. In 2012, she founded Karina’s Kidz, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting baby supplies for pregnant women and new mothers living in developing countries across the world. Initially developed as a high school service project, Karina’s Kidz remains an active charitable organization and sparked Ms. Fernandez’ lifelong interest in helping others.

In the coming years, Ms. Fernandez hopes to own two new businesses and continue to explore her entrepreneurial skills, with the eventual goal of opening clinics in some of the countries served by Karina’s Kidz. She is active in the Florida Bar Association and looks forward to continuing to develop her professional reputation and expertise as an attorney. Ms. Fernandez credits her success to the influence of her mother, who she describes as her “number one supporter,” and to the tenacity and strong boundaries that she learned from her example. When not working, Ms. Fernandez enjoys reading, fitness, and participating in her church community.


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