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On a journey 25 years in the making, Joy Rainey King has become renowned for her expert poetry and songwriting skills. She currently uses her talents to write songs for The Songs of Love Foundation, which serves sick children in hospitals in America, England, and Canada. The foundation sends her a biography of a child, including the names of their friends, pets, toys, and hobbies, and she takes the information and turns it into lyrics. The lyrics are then sent to musicians to be set to music, and the final product is given to the child free of cost. Ms. Rainey King is also involved with her community as a member of the International Society of Poets, the Poets Guild, the International Poetry Hall of Fame, the Top Recorders Songwriters Association, Metverse Muse in India, and the World Poets Society in Greece, among others.

Over the years, Ms. Rainey King has authored pieces like “From the Gazebo, Wonder of Words,” “America’s New Hero,” and “Our Constitution.” All in all, she is credited with releasing 25 poetry books and even more poems. She was flattered when “Our Constitution” was translated to Korean and used to celebrate their constitution day. Another professional highlight came when Ms. Rainey King was contacted by a poet friend in Mongolia, who wanted her to be published in a book about American poets at their universities. The book contains approximately 20 poets, including Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson, and she considers it an honor to be listed among their ranks. Cementing Ms. Rainey King’s position among the greats is her three nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature. She is also the recipient of the International Book of Gold Prize, the International Peace Prize from the United Cultural Convention, and the President’s Recognition of Literary Excellence from the National Author’s Registry. In 1999, she was named Author of the Year by Edizoni University in Trento, Italy.

Prior to her independent writing career, Ms. Rainey King served the General Telephone Company as a secretary and L.H. Brisco, MD, and James Ballard, MD, as a medical secretary, as well as the First National Bank of Southhaven. She then garnered experience as a staff writer for Majestic Records and the Countrywine Publishing Company.


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