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Jenna Williams

In 2024, Jenna Williams became a vice president and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) business development officer with the Heritage Bank of Commerce in California. Ms. Williams brings with her an already successful professional track record spanning more than 20 years, achieved through her tireless work ethic, tenacity, and winning attitude. With proven expertise in business development, business administration, investments, and lending, Ms. Williams interfaces with customers and provides them with information regarding the process of receiving and qualifying for SBA loans.

Committed to and taking pride in providing stellar service to her clients, Ms. Williams works closely with her administrative staff to ensure all loan documentation is completed efficiently with quick and consistent results. For more than two decades, Ms. Williams performed at various financial institutions and focused her efforts on commercial lending over personal banking, with a large focus on networking. Ms. Williams credits her accomplishments to her diverse and well-rounded background in commercial real estate and her relationship skills bestowed upon her life as a single mother of two. Tremendously active and respected in her field, Ms. Williams is a member of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), a nonprofit organization focused on female professionals in that industry. With CREW, she has held numerous positions, including serving on the board and as a committee chair.

Prior to accepting her latest position at the Heritage Bank of Commerce, Ms. Williams became a real estate investor, loan officer, and commercial relationship manager with Fremont Bank. Further, she was a business development officer with Wells Fargo and previously spent more than a decade with the company as an assistant vice president. In addition to her experience with major financial institutions, Ms. Williams worked for Silicon Maps Inc. and was a communications consultant for Inter-Tel. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her contributions with multiple awards. Among her honors, she achieved President’s Club and repeatedly received awards for exceptional performance. Perennially pursuing excellence, Ms. Williams has remained dedicated to her own development and education. These include but are not limited to completing yearly banking online courses and receiving professional certifications in various vital topics, including DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). Ms. Williams is currently furthering her education at Wharton, proving her value in never stopping to learn.

Ms. Williams considers establishing and maintaining her comprehensive professional network in the San Francisco Bay Area to be her most impressive feat. Through the relationships she has built during her career, she has carved a niche for herself as a prominent lending resource in Northern California. Ms. Williams believes that the strength of her word while keeping her promises plus her consistency have been instrumental in her triumphs. These qualities helped build her reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Moreover, during her tenure at Wells Fargo, Ms. Williams cited the mentorship of her manager, Micah Horgen, as a constant source of motivation and inspiration. She is also grateful for the past president of CREW, Kelly Leanos, who helped her develop emotional intelligence and make strides toward personal growth. Today, Ms. Leanos continues to mentor Ms. Williams and support her growth.

Ms. Williams ascribes most of her success to her integrity, fulfilling her commitments, and meeting her goals. Possessing a formative love for mathematics and the talents she developed in banking and investing, Ms. Williams is grateful for the many opportunities she has been afforded and remains devoted to working hard. In addition to offering this expertise to her clients, Ms. Williams applied her knowledge of real estate investing to her personal life purchasing in California and Nevada residential and commercial real estate. Outside of working to expand her own or others’ portfolios, Ms. Williams enjoys playing golf, gardening, and cooking. She also practices the pranayama yogic technique focused on breath regulation. She has set a personal goal of owning more than 20 properties by the time she retires; however, she keeps a focus on maintaining the relationships she has built while leaving room for new ones to form.


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