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Jeanne Travis

Jeanne A. Travis, an award-winning entrepreneur and leader, founded J. Robbins Enterprises, LLC in 2020 and serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Psychology and Education. Ms. Travis began her career as a high school mathematics teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools. After two years, she decided to embark on a professional venture into business management and corporate finance.

Over the years, Ms. Travis continued to garner experience in commercial planning and computer science until she co-founded Industrial Security Integrators LLC (ISI), an industrial security enterprise, originally serving as the Chief Technology Officer. She was appointed President in January 2012, and was responsible for all aspects of implementing the organizations vision, mission, and overall direction, as well as overseeing the complete operation and success of ISI while maintaining awareness of opportunities for expansion, customers, and new Industry and government standards. After marketing, advertising and strategizing for ISI, she realized she possessed the conviction and ability to cultivate her own independent business model in business development.

Currently, through J. Robbins Enterprises LLC, her focus is to find ways to amplify her client’s voice, inspire creativity and perseverance, and promote diversity in leadership. She achieves this by inviting and empowering inspirational leaders to pursue opportunities at every level of the corporate ladder. Ms. Travis aspires to be a mentor and champion to promote equality for all.

Ms. Travis’ achievements and data points are proof of her individual and company’s success. Winning business and honors solidify her reputation as a trustworthy name that delivers. The acknowledgment of her clients and colleagues’ hard work has fostered confidence and significance to augment the company’s achievements, accomplishments, and recognition. As a business leader, along with her acknowledgments, this shows her importance and that tangible benefit was a good investment. Ms. Travis’ vast variety in accolades benchmarks her associates and has increased credibility, growth, talent, partnerships and prestige.

Ms. Travis’ achievements are only a portion of her unique, generous and intellectual accomplishments. Her ultimate goals are to promote, support and propel each other forward. She feels her success was achieved by first helping somebody else. She identifies and chronicles distinguished individuals and companies’ history, contributions and accomplishments. Ms. Travis finds a true joy in examining business models, identifying geniuses, and capturing accolades on their behalf.

Civically, Ms. Travis enjoys activities with her two daughters. From being a member of the PTA and coaching youth basketball to acting as the head timer at swim meets, she is actively participating around her community and her children’s interests. Her belief is that volunteering and donating are essential to the success of her community and enriching people’s lives. Ms. Travis’ community and charitable contributions include JDRF My Ride to Cure Diabetes, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, CodeVA, Herndon Cares, No Kid Hungry and the Optimist Club of Herndon, to name a few.

For her efforts, Ms. Travis started being recognized in 2017 with multiple American Business Awards, three consecutive Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Awards, and a Women Flying High Award. She attributes her success to her mother, a high school mathematics teacher, and her economist father and stepmother. Continuous development in education and problem solving has always been a part of her upbringing. She urges all women leaders to stay true, act from their innate strengths, be creative, collaborate, break outdated paradigms and rely on their emotional intelligence to create a style of work best suited to their personalities. Ms. Travis strives to give back to under privileged and underserved communities, families, and groups by helping high school students pursue their dreams by applying for college, scholarships, and fellowships.


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