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Jacqueline Lee

Jacqueline D. Lee, PhD, credits her numerous and varied successes to her close relationship with God, the foundational building block of her life and career, as well as to her discipline and consistency. An immensely accomplished speaker, teacher, and author with her company Fresh Insight Worldwide, based in North Canton, Ohio, Dr. Lee spreads truths about the Bible to people around the world, sharing its practical applications and principles to help individuals connect with God and apply his teachings in their lives.

Dr. Lee works with people from all walks of life, teaching them about spiritual nourishment and growth. She believes that receiving and implementing Biblical concepts and lessons in life is beneficial to one’s spirit, soul, and body. Just as she feeds her spirit with the word of God through her Biblical education, Dr. Lee passes on these divine teachings to help sustain others. Since launching Fresh Insight Worldwide in 2019, she has come to realize that the closer she gets to God, the more there is to learn.

Prior to embarking on her current spiritual and career journey, Dr. Lee pursued her higher education at The University of Iowa, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in interdepartmental studies and health coaching in 2008. After securing experience as an intern with Pacers Sports & Entertainment, she earned a Master of Science in athletic administration and sports management at Indiana University Bloomington in 2010 and went on to graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy in human performance with a minor in psychology in 2014. In addition to her formal degrees, Dr. Lee has remained committed to her professional development. In 2016, she completed LinkedIn’s “Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship” certification program.

Dr. Lee began her career as a guest relations staff member for the Indianapolis Colts in 2009, concurrently serving as a sports marketing and management graduate assistant at her alma mater, Indiana University Bloomington, until 2010. She worked for the college as an assistant at the Center for Student Leadership and Development and later shared her knowledge as an associate instructor of sports marketing and management from 2010 to 2014. Further, Dr. Lee served as a performance coach at IBM from 2015 to 2023. She plans to continue her important work with Fresh Insight Worldwide well into the future, expanding into new ventures as God calls her. Moreover, Dr. Lee expects to open a shop to sell healthy and delicious muffins and beverages.

Often feeling called and compelled to undertake many different meaningful personal assignments, Dr. Lee teaches underprivileged inner-city youths, writes books and articles, produces series, and hosts wellness events. Additionally, she contributes her spare time as a junior high Sunday school teacher at the Trinity Gospel Temple and Cathedral of Life and was a member of the leadership team at Northway Church from 2016 to 2020. For her devotion to serving others and improving her community, Dr. Lee has been honored with the Marquis Who’s Who Humanitarian Award.

Respected for her beliefs, knowledge, and caring nature, Dr. Lee advises everyone who will listen to heed the words of Psalm 84:11, which states, in part, “No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” It is through her relationship with God that she lives a life of compassion and love for others. She ascribes her biggest dreams to the Lord, who places each aim into her heart. Striving to never wallow in self-pity, she instead draws on the hope God gives her and discusses her faith with individuals who share in it.

Dr. Lee is grateful for the many opportunities she receives to help others find answers about life. Knowing that she, too, needs to stay lifted physically as well as spiritually, she consistently works to take care of herself through wellness, including eating healthy, exercising regularly, practicing Pilates, and more.


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